6 Best Pop Up Toy Haulers (Video Tours + Reviews)

Are you an active family? Do you (and your kids) spend more time on 4-wheelers, atvs, bikes, and kayaks than in your RV?  Then a pop up toy hauler is the camper for you! A pop up with a toy hauler is the perfect option for active families who want a comfortable place to sleep and plenty of cargo space without needing to tow a big honkin’ travel trailer. So what are your options for a pop up camper with a toy hauler?  Let’s look at 6 of the best … Read more

7 Best Off Road Pop Up Campers 2021 | Video Tours and Reviews

Tired of staying at crowded campgrounds? Want to enjoy scenic areas off the beaten path? Not ready to depend just on your vehicle and a tent? Then an off road pop up camper is the way to go! They’re light, nimble, and can provide sleeping space for several people. But don’t think you can take just any pop up camper off-road. You need one that’s designed to handle the extra bumps, ruts, steep inclines, and random bears you’ll find on 4×4 trails.  So let’s take a quick look at some … Read more

9 Best Pop Up Campers With Bathrooms (Video Tours + Floor Plans)

Pop up campers continue to be a popular choice for campers who don’t want the hassle of pulling a huge RV. But their small size means you’ll have to make some sacrifices. Fortunately, there are tons of great pop up campers with bathrooms so you won’t have to sacrifice a toilet and shower! So what are your best options? Do they all have those tiny little wet baths with curtains? Can you actually take a relaxing bubble bath in your pop up camper? 😨 You might be surprised!  Let’s start … Read more

9 Best Pop Up Campers & Tent Trailers (Video Tours + Reviews)

(Updated 8/21) Before we get into the list of the best pop up campers…let me tell you a quick story. It’s about a tent and an RV that were madly in love. Their families tried to stop them from seeing each other but eventually, they ran away together to a campground far, far away. Years later they returned and were hoping their families would be more accepting, especially since now it wasn’t just the two of them.  Now they had a little pop-up camper child, the result of the perfect union … Read more

7 Best RV Backup Cameras | 2021 Trailer Backup Camera Reviews

The best trailer backup cameras can save you a mountain of headaches! No one wants to start their camping trip by backing into a poor old oak tree at the edge of your campsite.  Why risk causing thousands of dollars of damage when you could just get a simple RV backup camera? A rear view camera will make it waaaay easier to park your rig without risking damage so you can start relaxing by the fire sooner! But trailer backup cameras come in all different varieties (CCD vs CMOS sensor, … Read more

Spooky Halloween Popsicle House Picture Frame Craft For Kids!

halloween popsicle stick craft for kids

If you love Halloween but don’t want to get toooo spooky with it when it comes to the kids, you’ll love this spiderweb decorated Halloween popsicle stick house (with your little sweetie in it!) I just love (well… and sometimes hate) how that fake spiderweb clings to everything and it’s my son’s favorite part of decorating – putting that stuff all over anything he can in the house! He actually likes spiders year round, so it’s no stretch that he would love a picture of himself inside of a spider … Read more

9 BEST Camp Chairs of Each Popular Style On The Market (With Video Review!)

Picking a new camping chair can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re someone like me who gets completely lost in Amazon reviews but hates going to the store! BUT, you’re in luck! I got a wild hair in me and visited our local Cabelas to sit in allll the camp chairs! That’s right – the zero gravity camp chair, canopy camp chair, basic folding one, and heck… even the director’s style camp chair (which, even after sitting in it, can’t say I understand!) I have my personal favorite, but I’ll … Read more

Easy Snow Popsicles Dessert that Everyone Will LOVE!

fun snow dessert popsicles for kids that are easy to make

With lots of snow in the forecast, and unicorns all the rage now a days, I knew I wanted to find a way to combine them, so unicorn snow popsicles were created! My oldest goes to preschool, and I guess every kid there has unicorn gear. Unicorn hats, backpacks, jackets… so it was was no surprise when my guy came home saying he didn’t want his Daniel Tiger backpack anymore, but wanted a unicorn one instead! Now, I don’t mind him having a unicorn backpack, except for the fact he … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Camping with Toddlers – From Planning Your Camp Trip to Packing Up!

I remember that feeling the first time we decided to camp with our toddler – it was a mix of excitement (we love camping after all), nervousness (would all this packing be worth it) and a sort of leap of faith… we had no idea what to do with a tiny person while camping! Many, many camp trips later, as well as two more kids after our first, we have learned a thing or two about camping with your babies and toddlers… and it’s ALOT different than what you’re likely … Read more

11 Most Awesome Pieces of Baby Camping Gear [2020 Updates!]

how to keep babies safe while camping and entertained

Yes, Taking a Baby Camping Can Be Fun! Taking a baby camping can be a great experience with some essential, must have camping gear! I have three kids under three, and all of them have been camping before they were 2 months old. In fact, my preemie twins went camping when they were on supplemental oxygen! We car camped with our one year old, and now are using a camper to camp with our 7 month olds! Taking an infant camping is a great way to focus on what’s important; each … Read more