Are you tired of surfing Pinterest, piecing together fun camping printables and tips for your kids?

In fact, I bet that's how you got here! I've been there too!

I did that for years… then I made my own and put them all in one place


I scoured the internet, printed out random stuff that wasn’t always quality…

but then made my own site. And my own articles.

And after THOUSANDS of subscribers have shown me what’s important to them in the past year, I have created this no fluff guide to camping with kids! 

AND I’M OFFERING IT TO YOU so that you don’t have to go through all the hassle I did!

Are you nervous that there must have been SOMETHING you forgot as you’re leaving the driveway to head to your campsite, or that you might somehow mess up the kids first camp experience (or heck… third or fourth??)

After camping so many times with our 3 kiddos here in Wyoming, I started to write about it. Then I started to receive dozens of questions regarding what to pack, rainy day activities, and of course.. how in the world you get them to sleep after such a crazy day outdoors!

While camping is supposed to be a “back to the basics” sort of thing, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it’s quite as “basic” when camping with kids!

But guess what – it doesn’t have to be hard!

I have, over the past 3 years, created an all in one book with just the good stuff!


kids camping activity book


This 62 page planner and activity book will lead you from that initial planning stage (AKA summer dreaming!) through the packing stage then finally onto the best part… all the campground activities and printables that I KNOW you’re kids will love….

with NO FLUFF!

I have tried to keep my commentary to the bare minimum, and give you what THOUSANDS have already signed up to my email list for… printable activities to keep the family entertained and yourself SANE even with all the packing and tight quarters camping tends to bring!

Section 1 – Basic Activity Planners (Pages 4-8): Let’s start by brainstorming some fun campground activities that YOUR child will like! Don’t forget to check out the rainy day in and out planners to pick out the perfect activities for your family (These are all presented out in an easy to read grid lay out!)

Section 2 – Packing Check List (Pages 9-16): Now let’s get into the real prepping.. all the great checklists! Browse through a kid specific list, tent,  tools and of course a budget friendly list should you be camping for the first time and don’t want to invest a TON of money into all the gear!  I also included an editable meal planner and sample meal plan just in case you DON’T want to just eat hotdogs and s’mores the whole time!

Section 3 – Campground Tricks (Pages 17-21) : It’s no exaggeration when I say picking an “easy” campground is half the battle when it comes to a more leisurely camp experience with the kids!  Let me walk you through some of the hidden qualities of a campsite I look for as well as how I occupy the kids during set up and break down (unfortunately, they usually don’t want to just keep calm and stay in the car till you’re done!) We love to keep a camp journal of sorts too so that we remember each campground.. and YOU BET that I included that template as well! 

Section 4 – Camping Entertainment and Activity Printables (Pages 23-72)– AWWWW YEA, here comes the juicy bits of this book… all the printables! Here you can look forward to some favorites from my readers that I decided to include for convenience (camping BINGO, 4 types of scavenger hunts etc) PLUS some brand new stuff you won’t find elsewhere on my website! I’m talking Charades, Mad Libs, “Would You Rather”… all Kids Camping Editions! There’s some more exclusive content in this section (just look at how many pages it is above!) but I don’t want to overwhelm ya with it all here! 

kids camping activity book for ideas with toddlers

By using the checklists and printables in this book, you will be on your way to happy camp kids, which of course means a happy (less stressful!) camp trip !

Here's what people are saying about this 72 page camping activity and planning book!

Don’t just take it from me – here are some others who have purchased this book! Even if you don’t camp a ton, the sheer amount of camping printables can make this perfect for backyard use or a fun indoor campout!

Here is what you'll get when you buy this sweet book of camping tips and printables!

I know it’s hard to buy something without knowing what exactly you’re getting! I know the value, but I want to try my best to show you the value too! Here is a short scroll through of what to expect in this book! (The juicy bits are blurred, but you’ll get the ideas!)

Still not sure if you're ready to buy this sweet camping activity book?

Not to worry! But if you made it this far, I don’t want to leave you empty handed! 

Here is my most popular download from my site – a 9 page kids camping planner! It has the basics that will get you by, and give you an idea of what the luxury version of it might be like!

Psssttt…. you also get access to my resource library, which has tons of printables too (some of them are included in this book because they are so popular!)

This helpful little guy will definitely get you started on the basics to a great family camp trip!


About Me (The Author!)

Stacy Bressler is a mom of three crazy cute kiddos and wife to an amazing husband!

She has been immersed in camping life ever since she moved to Wyoming after getting married and blogs at The Crazy Outdoor Mama, a site for helping families get out even if it’s not quite as “purist” as typical outdoor families tend to promote! 

With her down to earth and honest approach to getting out and (attempting!) to have a great time, she helps other families get the confidence to try for the same!