No Borax or Contact Solution Slime Recipe + Snake Rescue Sensory Game!

If you haven’t heard already, slime is THE THING right now for kids, but dealing with measuring out borax (or having to find it and buy it!) or contact solution is a pain in the butt… so check out this recipe WITHOUT the borax or contact solution!

No, I didn’t reinvent the wheel guys – elmers glue just got on the gravy train and made their own activator that works PERFECT with their glue!

I had never heard of it (and trust me, I’ve been scoping out alot of slime recipes!) and really only thought that borax and contact solution were the sole activators…

Last week when I went to restock my glue inventory at Walmart, I saw a bottle of “slime activator” next to it!

It was such a relief! I had a pretty awful time trying to make my snow floam using borax (it did turn out after much experimenting, you can check that floam recipe out here!) and I know most people don’t have borax (I had to borrow mine from my father in law!) or contact solution.

Anyways, the goal of this post was to talk about this fun worm rescue game I had made for my preschooler, I just got side tracked because people started asking about the slime recipe!

With spring on the way, I can’t help but think of the 1 or 2 month long “muddy season” here in Wyoming. It is almost as bad as fall, in that the conditions are very limiting! (Fall is cold with no snow, “spring” is mud so it’s hard to access much trail even though it’s warming up!)

I wanted to put a positive spin on it, and created this “snake rescue” slime game!

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I’m a work from home mama, and my preschooler is pretty close to losing his nap, meaning I needed to find something else to take up that two hours so I could still get neccessary things done!

Anyways, here’s the recipe!

How to make your “muddy” slime WITHOUT borax or contact solution!

You’ll need
Elmers glue, white or clear
– Elmer’s glue slime activator
– Food Dye (yellow, red and blue)
– Plastic snakes (or anything else fun to rescue!)

  1. Add desired amount of glue and appropriate activator to a container and combine slowly (approximately 1/4 cup activator per 4-6 oz glue)

    The activator is super handy in that it has a measuring label on the side of it, so you just pour out as much as you need for each 4 – 6 oz batch! I made around 8 oz, so I had to experiment a little bit!

  2. Turn your slime into “mud” with food coloring!

    I had gel food coloring, though I don’t think it really matters except to get the ratios right. I started with about 2 drops of red, and like 6 or 8 yellow. I added a small amount of blue at the end to make it darker.

  3. Mix it all up by hand!

    Spoons are good for the initial mixing, but I think to get that “slime” texture you have to really work it by hand! Mine was a little sticky, so I just added some more activator.

  4. Add in your snakes!

    You might want to mix it up a little bit to add more difficulty~

Fun games to play with your “mud” slime! Don’t forget to pin it if you loved it <3

Here are some fun ideas to play with your slime (they have all kept my guy pretty occupied!!)

  • Rescue the snakes
  • For older kids, use oversized tweezers to really up the diffculty
  • Hide letters inside, and challenge them to find certain ones
  • Blow bubbles! Get a straw and make awesome slime bubbles by blowing air into it!

P.S., if your slime came out too sticky, not stretchy enough etc then this slime fixing guide is really helpful!!

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