Top Overlanding Roof Top Tents 2021 | Best Rooftop Tents

It’s the middle of the night.  You’re halfway into an overland trip, way out in the middle of nowhere. It took you 3 hours to find a clear spot to pitch your tent on the ground. Now you’re laying on your not-so-comfortable 1/2-inch thick foam pad at 2 AM listening to a coyote sniff around your tent.  I know what you’re thinking. “I shoulda bought a rooftop tent!!!” Because somewhere out there is a fellow overlander sleeping like a baby on top of their Jeep in an overland roof top … Read more

9 Best Portable Camping Kitchens for Easier Camp Cooking | 2022

Camp cooking…mmm, mmm, good! My mouth is literally starting to water right now as I’m thinking about s’mores, pancakes, grilled meat, mountain pies, and all that other yummy food you make while camping.  But actually cooking all that in a camping kitchen can really be a chore. Camp kitchens just don’t have the same conveniences as your home kitchen. Dishwasher…nope.  Large double bowl sink with on-demand hot water…nope. 6-burner stove with oven…sorry, no. That’s where the best portable camping kitchens come in. They give you a convenient place for prep, … Read more

12 Best Kayak Trailers for Easy Kayak Transportation

Kayaks are made to be in the water. But once you get them out of the water, they become like an unruly 10-year-old you have to wrestle on and off the roof of your car.  That’s why lots of kayaking families prefer kayak trailers. With a trailer for kayaks, it’s easier to transport your kayaks and you can even carry more of them! So is a kayak trailer really the solution for you? Maybe. Maybe not. In this article, you’ll find out.  Plus, if you decide a trailer might be … Read more

13 Best Off Road Travel Trailers and Campers with Bathrooms | 2022

Sometimes you just need to get away, right? Away from the hustle and bustle, the daily grind, the constant notifications, and the nosy neighbors.  But there are probably some things you don’t want to leave behind — a comfy bed, a warm meal, and a toilet & shower. If that sounds like you, then an off-road camper with a bathroom is the way to go! An all-terrain travel trailer or RV that’s big enough to have a toilet and shower is the ultimate off-grid expedition vehicle.  It lets you get … Read more

8 Best Travel Trailers Under 1500 lbs (2021) Video Tours + Pics

Bigger isn’t always better. That’s definitely the case with vaccine needles, kidney stones, and the number on the bills you get in the mail. 😲 But it’s also true with travel trailers and RVs. You can have some pretty big adventures in small travel trailers under 1500 lbs.  So let’s have a quick look at some of the best lightweight camper options under 1500 lbs that you can tow with just about any vehicle. Plus, you’ll get a bunch of other tips that’ll help you choose the right tiny trailer … Read more

7 Best Off Road Pop Up Campers 2021 | Video Tours and Reviews

Tired of staying at crowded campgrounds? Want to enjoy scenic areas off the beaten path? Not ready to depend just on your vehicle and a tent? Then an off road pop up camper is the way to go! They’re light, nimble, and can provide sleeping space for several people. But don’t think you can take just any pop up camper off-road. You need one that’s designed to handle the extra bumps, ruts, steep inclines, and random bears you’ll find on 4×4 trails.  So let’s take a quick look at some … Read more

11 Best Class C RVs Under 25 Feet | Video Tours and Floor Plans

It’s time to get Class C! 😋 Now that we got that corny joke out of the way, we can move on. 🤣 Want to hit the open road but aren’t ready to drive (or pay for) a huge Class A? Need something that’s easy to handle but don’t want to deal with a cramped camper van? Then a small Class C RV under 25 feet is for you. In this 10-minute read let’s look at: What is a Class C RV? Why choose a small Class C? 11 of … Read more

10 Best off road camper trailers under $10,000 | Video Tours!

Take some rugged charisma, add a touch of comfort, and throw in a fistful of practicality… what do ya get? An off-road camper trailer! For those of us who like to venture off the beaten path, an off road trailer expands our cargo carrying capacity, gives us a safe place to sleep at night, and sometimes even a galley! But if you’ve started looking at the best off road camper trailers, you know they’re not cheap. And that’s to be expected since they need a beefed up construction that won’t … Read more

Your Overland Camping Kitchen – The Guide to What You Need and What You Don’t

how to cook while overland camping

“Overlanding is driving somewhere remote, to eat something.” It’s hard to beat eating good food in epic places. That’s one of the perks of overlanding and why overlanders need to think about their overland kitchen setup.  You don’t have to survive on granola bars and trail mix while on an extended trip. With a simple overland camp kitchen setup, you’ll be ready to cook tasty meals with minimal hassle while off the grid.  So what should you include in your overlanding kitchen? Let’s have a quick look. 5 Basic Elements … Read more

How to Start Overlanding | Overland Camping for Beginners

“All adventures, all memories and all travels start with a blank page!” So, you’ve got a blank page and now you’re starting to plan your first overlanding adventure. But an overland camping trip isn’t your run of the mill road trip. You’re gonna be in remote places on unknown roads depending solely on what you’re carrying in your vehicle. So you’ve probably got like a million and one questions rolling around in your head. -How do I start planning my overlanding trip?  -What kind of vehicle do I need?  -Do … Read more