15 Sweet Tips To Go Camping with Kids (And Not Stress About it!)

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

Camping with kids can be so amazing – there is just something magical  about letting everyone explore, disconnect from your normal life, and  enjoy each other!

I’m going to simplify the whole process to you with some of the best  tips and tricks to really enjoy camping with your kids (and why it’s  worth going… don’t worry, you will end up relaxing!)

Write it down on something and tape that to the door so that there’s no way you can miss it and forget it!

When camping with kids, pack what you can ahead of time

Specific kids camping checklist

If this is your first time camping with kids, don’t go crazy like I did 3  kids ago and pack the whole darn house, then get to the campsite… and  have nothing to do!

Alot of parents of younger children freak out about how naps or night time sleep will work when camping.

Be real about kids sleep while camping

I have found some simple kid camp activities do pretty well in keeping them busy and happy while we get needed chores done!

Make a game plan for kid occupying activities

Our standard camping meals tend to be easy and fun – bananna oatmeal  pancakes in the morning, pb sandwiches for lunch, and hotdogs for  dinner.

Make kids camp meals fun and easy

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