3 Easy Steps to Deal with a Toddler That Hits

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

I had heard of gentle parenting, but to be honest, I thought it  pretty much being a door mat for your child, always afraid to tell them  what they need to hear.

Then I finally got desperate, because my toddler’s behavior and outbursts were getting worse, so I tried to find the best gentle parenting experts out there, and it has been life changing!

Say this in a firm, but gentle voice. They need to know that while you are their anchor, hitting is not an appropriate way to deal with their emotions.

“I will not let you hit me”

Your toddler needs to know that you are his rock – you cannot be ruffled by his emotional storms, and that you are safe place to express emotions.

How to physically respond to your toddler

Logical consequences + letting them know in a calm manner that you won’t let them hit.

“Punishment” for your toddler who is hitting

With the knowledge that their parents will always help them  handle the behaviors they can’t handle themselves, children feel safe to  struggle, make mistakes, grow and learn with confidence.

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