5 Most Effective Ways to Start Labor Naturally

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

When  you’re desperate to have that baby, and past your due date, try some of  these natural labor methods to get the ball rolling!

I found a TON of stuff – and sadly, tried almost all of it! I feel like  some of it did DEFINITELY work, as after I started some of the methods I  had my baby within a day or two!

While it sounds simple, it’s likely something that you haven’t been doing enough of!

Walking to help baby get into position

I loved the taste, and this is a regiment you can start as early as the second trimester!

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea to condition your uterus for labor

I would suggest waiting till your due date  as this method is pretty effective and it’s one of the top pieces of  advice given to moms trying to induce labor naturally!


The idea behind this is to make your body think you are nursing your new  baby, which will start contractions that would help uterus shrink back  down.

Nipple Stimulation

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