9 Basic Tools Every RV’er Needs to Carry in their RV Toolbag!!

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

I don’t know about you, but we’ve had a couple of close calls in regards to our camping trip being ruined if we hadn’t have had certain tools with us!

Some of these items will not be “tools” but spare parts for things in  your camper that are easy to lose… and really annoying to be without! Here we go!

This is really handy to check your batteries as well as when troubleshooting power issues.

Inexpensive multimeter / voltage tester

It’s good practice to have a multi screwdriver that can tackle it all!  We have a really handy one that is short and has an interchangeable tip.

Multi Bit Screwdriver

A ratchet strap set is so multi functional, and it doesn’t really take up much space so it’s a must for your next camp trip!

Ratchet Strap Set

This is one of those things I mentioned earlier that it’s good to have a couple spares of!

Extra Hitch Pin

Battery issues are pretty frustrating, so be prepared with this cleaning brush! It’s perfect for removing the corrosion that can build up over time.

Battery Terminal Cleaning Brush

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