9 Things You NEED To Know Before Boondocking in Your Camper

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

The scenery, isolation and mental reset all sound great, but keep in  mind that boondocking does require a bit more prep than camping in a  “normal” campground with hookups.

On the next slides, you will learn some of the tips you can use to enjoy your first boondocking experience! Let’s have a quick look.

You will mostly be off-grid, staying in a place where you cannot access gas stations or grocery stores easily.

Plan out your meals so you don’t have to do an emergency road trip to town!

Use your power wisely

If you’re boondocking, you’ll have no access to “shore power” and will  likely either rely on a generator, solar panels or perhaps just not use  any power at all!

Safety should be an important priority when you are boondocking, especially if you are doing it with your family.

Keep safe and let others know your camping plans

The same rule goes for boondocking as anywhere else – leave it better than you found it!

Be conscious of the environment

You should also take into consideration the wellbeing of your vehicle when you are boondocking.

Get some vehicle and rig protection

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