Camping With Cats 101 – Pictures + Tips for a PURRfect Camp Trip!

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

If you are an owner of a cute house kitty, and have decided you want  to bring him camping in your tent or RV, don’t worry… it’s not as hard  as you might think!

As a kitty owner myself who loves to camp, I thought I’d compile all of  my the most useful tips I’ve found to take your cat camping!

Most camp trips involve a bit of driving, so it’s better to help your  cat get comfortable with that feeling early rather than hope for the  best.

Car rides to get used to movement

While not necessary, it sure as heck increases the adventurous options for you and your kitty!

Leash training

Almost all cats will survive camping, but if your cat will be nervous the  whole time and yodel then it may not be worth the stress for your kitty.

Compatible with the camp life?

It’s a good idea to figure out a solution as the sounds will be way harder to ignore in your camper!

Nighttime meowing under control

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