DIY Camp Cleaning Wipes (for counters + more)

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

I don’t know about you, but when we camp with the family, we absolutely  always bring cleaning wipes – our little camper gets dirty fast.

Keep all your camp surfaces clean and tidy for cheap with these DIY  Handwipes! This recipe contains isopropyl alcohol, but also some skin  soothing agents like vegetable glycerin! Let’s have a quick look.

– roll high-quality paper towels – scissors – plastic container with lid – tea tree oil – vegetable glycerin – distilled water – 70% to 99% isopropyl alcohol



Paper towels can be cut in half with a serrated knife. Trim any rough edges with scissors.

Remove paper towels from the roll and fan-fold at the perforations, alternating to create a stack.


Place the stack on paper towels into a plastic container. Cut a hole in the lid if needed.


In a mixing bowl, combine water, alcohol, tea tree oil, and vegetable glycerin. Pour over paper towels.


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