Easy and Pretty DIY Valentine’s Burlap Door Banner

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

I love really simple, sort of rustic decorations, and have yard upon yards of burlap so I thought a cute banner with bright heart accents would be perfect to hang on my front door!

All you need for this easy valentine DIY (for adults… or older kids!) is some burlap, felt and glue!

– Minimum 3 ft long by about 6 inches wide piece of burlap – Felt for the hearts – Glue  – I used hot glue – Twine

Materials needed:

Cut burlap into correct length for your door or need. For me this was around 2 feet long, but you may want it longer or shorter!

Step One

Cut piece of burlap into 3 even strips. Not necessary, but I liked how it added even more variation and texture.

Step Two

Cut out different shape hearts from 1-3 colors of felt. I like patterns, so just went with a basic 2 color pattern.

Step Three

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