Fun + Engaging Printable Hiking Journal for Kids

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

If you love hiking with your kids and are looking to remember them forever (as well as get some handwriting and observing skills) then check out this cute DIY printable hiking journal for kids!

Let me show you everything that’s in my printable hiking journal for kids and how it can really help get even more out of each hike with your kids!

To really make the printable hiking journal feel special, I started off by including a fun quiz with hiking questions for them to answer!

Hiking Journal Personaliztation

If your kid is old enough, they could also use this section to draw some of their favorite memories made while hiking!

Favorite memories (for pictures or sketches!)

Your child can log each hike in this section – name, date and page # that corresponds to where each hike is written about.

Where I’ve Hiked (hiking log)

With fun prompts and an engaging design, kids will be encouraged to remember the details of their trip through sketches, pictures and notes!

My Hike (all the details about the hike!)

Print as many pages as your kiddo needs to draw interesting things seen while hiking.

Favorite Things I’ve Seen

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