27 Fun Teenage Camping Activities + Games (No More “I’m BORED!”)

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

Camping with teenagers can either be super enjoyable or feel like you’re pulling teeth anytime you try to get them to do something.

Don’t worry, I’ve got ‘ya covered! Here are 27 fun teenage camping activities and camp games. I’m sure you’ll find AT LEAST one they love!

If the campground you’re headed to doesn’t have much riding space, you can make the most out of it by whipping up some easy “jumps”, obstacle courses, or balance beams!

Bring the Bikes for Obstacle Courses + Challenges

Until you know how cool rocks are, they all look the same. But once your kids can identify a few rocks (pick up a local geology identification guide/book), they will be way more interested in the nature around them!

Learn About the Local Geology

It’s just a normal scavenger hunt but with a fun, digital twist. Teen campers everywhere love doing recent trends, funny faces, and a bit of competition in this type of photo camping scavenger hunt.

“Selfie” Scavenger Hunt

There’s just something so fun about building jumps, seeing who can get through a course fastest, and the teamwork that might come with it!

Make a Remote Control Car Course

This is a camping activity that’s great for teenagers. Yes, it includes using a phone or GPS, but it’s 100% worth it!

Go Geocaching

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