Homemade DIY Strawberry Valentine Stampers Craft For Kids

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

I love using fruit because of the added sensory experience as well as  the challenge it presents to hold the fruit the proper way to get the  picture right!

This would be a cute gift to give to a teacher or classmate, or really just a fun craft to do in school or at home!

Strawberries – Try and get ones that are a little bigger. – Valentine Colored paint – I like red, pink and purple. – Strawberry Valentine Template

Materials needed:

Wash and dry strawberries, and have an adult cut them in halves. Put paint into shallow dishes that are easy to access.

Step One

Stamp your “heart strawberries” into the basket! Glue the sheet onto a red (or color desired) piece of construction paper.

Step Two

Cut around the original strawberry valentine, leaving a small border.  Bonus if you have scissors you can use that have a cool design!

Step Three

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