2 Years of Solo Stove... Was it worth it?


Stacy Bressler

This popular portable firepit is most  known for its patented smokeless design.  The double burn system means a cleaner, hotter campfire! No more burning eyes (and it's easier to start + maintain a fire!)

With increasing wildfire risk by the year, the spark arrestor and stand have especially been great peace of mind. 

The Solo Stove's versatility has also been a giant plus - the stand prevents heat damage to almost anything underneath it! We can use it on our porch, the campground or even boondocking without worry!

Best of all, Solo Stove actually listens to suggestions from the customers! Options such as a handle, lid and cook top are some of my favorite ones!

If you camp more than once or twice a year, the cost is justified.  The Solo Stove itself has proven to be very durable, and I love how they continue to create more add ons that enhance the campfire experience!

Final thoughts?