“Love Bug” Quick and Cheap CUTE Valentine Kids Craft

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

I looovvee all things valentines, mostly because it includes bright colors and glitter.. and I’m a sucker for that!

These are pretty cheap to make, and you can really make them as simple  or detailed as you want depending on the age of the kiddo doing it!

– Egg Carton – Pipe Cleaners – Glue – Paint and paint brush – Hole Punch – Decorations – pom poms, glitter, paper cut outs or whatever else fun stuff you have laying around the house!

Materials needed:

Cut out one “egg holder” from the egg carton. Trim it so that it sits even when set down.

Step One

Punch any holes you want for legs or antenna. This is easier to do before painting because the paint can make the egg carton sort of mushy if using a paper one!

Step Two

Thread pipe cleaner legs through leg holes. I’d  suggest cutting the legs before hand for your child so that you don’t  have to figure out the length you guys want on the spot.

Step Three

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