27 Must Haves for your Camper on a Budget!

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

So you took the dive, and you bought a camper! But now you need  to stock it, and everything really adds up – how can you save money and  do it as thrifty as possible?

My favorite thing ever is finding deals at thrift stores, and I wanted  to go over some things that are just better to buy used than to spend  money on.

While the linens might not be matching, it’s good to just get  everything covered, then be on the lookout for cute stuff to upgrade  over time.

Linens for your camper

Most thrift stores are OVERFLOWING with silverware and other cooking must haves!

Dish Accessories for your RV kitchen

I absolutely love buying toys used – there always seems to be a giant  selection, and it’s kind of fun because you never know what you will  find!

Kids Toys that can take some rough play!

While this is mostly applicable to younger children, it’s still good  to see if there are any duplicates of items you need for your kids!

Extra Baby / Kid Care Items

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