Printable Baby Camping Checklist and Planner

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

So you want to go camping with baby, but then you are hit with the realization that there’s a TON of stuff they need…. and how will you remember it all!

Let's take a look at our Printable Baby Camping Checklist and Planner! Keep on reading.

This will obviously be different for everyone. We have a pull behind camper, but it is relatively small so the less stuff the better.

Here are some essentials I pack:

Most people who are tent camping use a pack n play or portable foldable bed such as a kilofly baby tent bed or kidco pepod tent bed.

What kind of camping baby bed do I need?

I would DEFINITELY recommend a baby sleeping bag if you are tent camping.

What are the best baby sleeping bags to keep babies warm at night while camping?

I highly suggest buying a “camper only” set so that it is that much easier to pack! Even better, buy it used to save some money!

The clothes I bring for a 3 day camp trip with my babies:

The most important thing here is probably some Benadryl; it’s really important to be aware of how much your child needs and how to use it.

The health-related items I bring: 

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