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Thanksgiving dinner can feel so busy (and long!), especially with young kids! This simple free printable Thanksgiving activity is sure to keep them busy for a bit.. and thankful!

First, download the PDF template of the Thankful Journal - you won't need any staples or glue, just some folding!

Step 1: Download and Print Template

Fold in half, and then inwards on each page. Make sure to crease the folds - this makes for easier page turning later on. 

Step 2: Get Folding!

This is where the magic happens - now your mini thanksgiving booklet will be able to star taking shape!

Step 3: Cut the Middle!

By folding the two halves back to back and pinching the middle pages, you will get a shape like this (a + sign from above)

Step 4: Create the booklet

Have fun reading your kid's answers to each of the 6 questions about what they are thankful for... what a Thanksgiving memory!

Step 5: Color and Answer!

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