How to DIY RV BlackOut Window Covers for Your RV or Camper

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

Who else loves to nap during the day, but are blinded by the sunlight  streaming through those cheap camper blinds, and swear you’ll buy the  fancy black out blinds for your camper next time??

I wanted a quick and cheap way to do a couple of things – block out the  light, help regulate the temperature a bit in our camper, as well as  hopefully reduce the need to have those crunchy, cheap blinds that  little kids love to wreck!

– Tissue paper, contact paper, or some other thin, see through paper for tracing your window shape onto – Tape – Foam Board – Material enough to cover board  – Marker to trace


Tape your see through paper over your window.


Trace the contours of the window (you should be able to use the frame of the window as a guide).


Remove see through paper and tape it to your foam board. Start cutting out the window shape with an exacto knife. Leave a small notch so that it's easy removable.


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