RV Sewer Hose Storage Guide | The Best Ways to Keep Your Hoses Clean & Contained

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

25 feet of sewer hose isn’t always enough. And that it’s super important to think about your RV sewer hose storage.

Let’s start with some general tips for keeping your hoses clean. Then we’ll move on to 7 RV sewer hose storage ideas.

If you don’t need a long run of sewer hose and multiple attachments, a bucket could be the storage solution for your RV.


In my opinion, this is the ideal solution and it’s worked for me. Repurposing an old storage bin (something like this) fit my budget of $0 and had a locking lid.

Plastic Storage Bin

Most RVs come with RV sewer hose storage in the bumper. I keep our emergency run of sewer hose — also the most difficult to work with — in our bumper.

RV Bumper

This is the “I’m not playing around” RV sewer hose storage solution. It’s a great solution if you have limited storage.

Bumper Mounted Storage Box

If you have some laying around, PVC pipe can be repurposed for storing  RV sewer hoses. You mount the PVC pipe underneath the RV or on the rear bumper.

DIY PVC Pipe Storage

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