staying organized

Quick guide by: The Crazy Outdoor Mama

every rv trip

using a checklist system!

Packing the RV can be daunting - by using a checklist, you avoid the frustration!

A set of RV Checklists includes:

- Tools to Keep on Hand - Trailer/RV Needs - Outdoors Camp Gear - RV Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom etc - Kids + Dog Camp Gear - Misc items

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Have a set of tools you keep on hand

This gets easier once established, but you NEVER want to be left without a simple tool when something goes wrong!

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Basic tools checklist

Don't forget the multimeter!

MANY power issues can be solved way quicker if you can use a multi meter.

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Most RVs don't even come with the basics, so check the list before heading to the first trip!

Trailer/RV Needs

know how to use everything before you go!

Just because it's packed doesn't mean you're out of the woods - know what to do with it!

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Try to build an RV specific kitchen set that STAYS in the RV! The less items you have to pack and unpack, the easier RV camping will feel!


budget tip

Thrift stores can furnish ALMOST your whole camper if you are low on funds - especially common kitchen needs!

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Once you get in the RV camping flow, you'll find it handy to keep a couple of random items like these on hand.

Other RV Needs

Beyond RV Packing lists there are....

Weekly trip planners that make RV travel easy 

RV Departure checklists so nothing goes flying off on the highway!

Logs to track Campsite info and more!

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learn more about rv checklists (and get your own to try!)

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