The Ultimate Kids Camping Activity Basket

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

If you’re going camping with the kids, and are nervous if they’ll even like it, then you need something extra fun to make is super special like  this ultimate kids camping activity basket.

This basket of camping kid fun should last the weekend, and much of it is reusable for the next time. Keep on reading!

Give the kids a game and some snacks, and hopefully you get an hour or two of *some* peace! I like to try and avoid overly sugary snacks.

Make the roadtrip fun!

I bought a pack of two bags for gathering rocks, pinecones, sticks, flowers or whatever else they love. I also brought two forms of bag catching devices.

For kids exploring in camp:

The water pump gun has so many possibilities – target practice at trees,  try to knock things like cans down and more!

For kids staying busy and burning energy at camp:

I did choose a freaking cool glow stick lantern ball for some pretty fun catch at night as well as a smaller glow stick that can attach to the  kids pants so I can keep an eye on them!

For night time at camp with the kids:

You might want to space the items out so that the road trip is a little more fun!

How to present the kids camping activity basket:

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