25 Tips to Make Backpacking With Kids a Breeze!

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

If you’re starting to plan your first overnight backpacking trip with  your kid, then let me save you a TON of time and share what I’ve learned!

You might have fond memories of your favorite backpacking trip that  you’re super excited to share with your kid, but keep in mind they have  tiny legs and may not experience it the same as you did!

At the least, your kiddo will carry their own water!

Don’t forget to account for your child’s backpack weight

Too hot and it’s hard to sleep, too cold and you need to bring better/more gear.

Check night temps

Even if your kiddo is a beast, the goal is to make the first backpacking  experience a pleasant memory. Go with something you KNOW they can  achieve!

Confidence is good, but don’t overestimate it

We basecamped at a lake which gave our son a ton to do during “hang out time”.

If possible, plan something special for extra motivation

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