Tricks to Actually Keep Mice Out of Your RV

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

Whether you’re prepping your RV in spring or the cool temperatures of  fall are pushing the mice in, having mice in your camper can be  infuriating!

I’ve found a ton of options that are NOT Irish Spring (just do a search on a Facebook forum or google… EVERYONE mentions it!). Here we go!

Some people create custom steel/steel wool “collars” to place around each wire/tube.

An actual physical barrier is the only fool proof way to keep mice out!

The easiest option as there are no sprays or work involved, these work  by emitting a certain frequency that drives mice and other pests crazy.

Electronic repellants

Make sure to store your bags of dry food in a larger plastic tub.

Keep your dry foods and paper goods stored in plastic or glass

This option is WONDERFUL because it leaves no chemical smell (only uses essential oils!) and is pet/kid safe.

Grandpa Gus Spray Deterrents

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