Camp Cooking for Kayakers | Your Kayak Camping Food & Meal Guide

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

One of the first things you need to think about is your kayak camping kitchen and the food you’ll need to bring.

In this guide, you’ll learn all the basics about camp cooking for  kayakers. As you’ll see, the food and meals you prepare on overnight  kayak trips are similar to what you might do on a hiking trip.

You still have to be careful with how much you pack. Plan well and only pack kitchen gear you’re absolutely sure you’ll use.

Keep it simple

There’s nothing worse than looking forward to your camp burritos only  to find out your tortillas are soaked with yummy lake water!

Keep it dry

While kayaking, there’s water water everywhere, but a lot of it you  shouldn’t drink. Don’t forget to bring along plenty of drinking water  and/or a way to purify it.

Don’t forget your water

– Easy to pack – Non-perishable – Fast-cooking – Calorie dense

What Food Should I Pack for Kayak Camping?

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