Your Overland Kitchen Guide to What You Need and What You Don’t

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

It’s hard to beat eating good food in epic places. That’s one of the perks of overlanding and why overlanders need to think about their overland kitchen setup.

So what should you include in your overlanding kitchen? I’ll go over exactly what you’ll need for simple, budget-friendly setups all the way up to expensive camp kitchens most of us just dream about.

For shorter trips or trips where you have access to ice every few days, a quality cooler is a worthwhile investment.

What about cold food?


In addition to packing some essential prep utensils, like a general-purpose knife, cutting board, and mixing bowl, it’s also good to have a flat surface to work on. The easiest way to solve this is with a folding camp table.

Food Prep

You need heat, so… a camp stove. Sure you could light a campfire every night and cook your food over it, but after a long day on dusty roads, you need a quick and easy way to cook your food.


For a simple overlanding kitchen that gets the job done and doesn’t break the bank, you’ll need... - Cooler - Cookset - Camp Stove

The Simple Micro Overlanding Kitchen

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