14 Fun OUTDOOR Rainy Day Play Activities for Kids

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

I know that MOST rainy day activities you’ll find are all about staying indoors.. but this time, we’re going to talk about how to have OUTDOORs in the rain!

I hope that you’ll find a good coat (or in a pinch, a poncho or even a bag with a hole in it!) and enjoy some of these awesome rainy day outdoor kids activities!

Use a paintbrush, stick, or whatever other methods you can find (including hands!) and get a bowl of mud paint – aka a bowl of mud!

Paint with the mud

Using a bowl of mud or a really awesome mudpit, give some plastic animals a mud bath!

Give some animals a mud bath, then clean them off!

Cut off a small one inch section of pool noodle and then decorate it! Put some sticks in the foam and attatch leaves and flowers for “sails”.

Make a boat and decorate it!

This might only work on really rainy days, but it’s kind of fun pretending the ground is lava and the puddles are safety!

Leapfrog to the puddles

Get a paper towel and decorate it with markers, then just set it out in the rain!

Make rain art!

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