DIY Cheap + Fun Greenhouse for Kids

The Crazy Outdoor Mama

If you’re looking to start teaching your kids about planting (or are  just looking for a fun spring activity do together!) this DIY cheap  greenhouse is perfect!

To help with the planting activity, I also created the Kids Planting  Journal so that they can help keep track of things such as watering and  growth (with more options for older kids.)

– Egg carton – Seed packet of choice – Soil  – Something clear such as clear tape, a gallon size bag, etc


Cut out the top of the egg carton and decorate the remaining portion. Do  NOT put on your clear section yet because paint and other decor might  get on it. Attach clear top.


Put soil in each of the pockets and plant the seeds.


Label what's in each area (we just put 4 of the same seeds to a section and labeled the whole section to keep things easier).


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