9 Best Dandelion Activities for Preschoolers and a FREE Printable Spring Dandelion Activity Book!

Dandelion Crafts with kids are the best way to welcome spring!

A sure sign of spring and summer is those little yellow bursts of color in everyone’s yard!

Though they might be the bane of many landscapers existence, dandelions have a ton of uses!

And if you have kids, a perfect way to use those dandelions is through these cute and easy crafts; both edible and just for fun!

Make some Dandelion Crafts!

There are so many cute ways to make a dandelion, or heck, even dress up a dandelion!

Here’s a couple crafts I found that should be easy enough for your toddler to do with minimal help!

Dande-“lion” craftThis craft will literally take 5 minutes to do, but I know that the kiddos will get a kick turning the flowers into a ferocious lion!

Jar of Wishes – This is a fun way to collect the “blowing” flowers, as my son calls them, and jar them up for a gift or simply as an upbeat reminder of a great day! Toddlers are drawn to the dandelions like magnets so this shouldn’t be hard to do!

Dandelion Fingerprints – I’m a sucker for all things related to handprints, footprints etc of my kids, so of course this adorable dandelion finger print craft got me!

Dandelion Thumprint Template – You could have your kiddo do their own fingerprints, but if they are younger it might be easier to let them have a template such as the one I made below! Print it out and give it to someone who brigthens their day!

dandelion thumbprint spring craft for toddlers
This cute dandelion thumbprint template is perfect for little fingers!

Below is a PDF version of this which may be a little higher quality!

Dandelion Thumbprint Template

Yum! Dandelion Jelly!

Alright ya’ll, we all gotta indulge sometimes. This is a sugary recipe, but it can be used as a fun treat to reward your kiddo for going on a good walk!

It would be super fun to give them their own little bucket to collect the Dandelions with!

Collect the heads (again, no greens) and check out Martha Stewarts Dandelion Jelly Recipe here!

Paint with Dandelions!

I am a fan of painting with EVERYTHING! Tie it to a stick and make it work!

So what better way to celebrate the end of winter than with some spring art?

P.S. I wrote another post about kids crafts outside here-> fun things you can do in your yard with your toddler – one was using leaves to paint!

Dandelion painting is a cute craft that could even make a unique mother’s day craft with a little adult guidance! I just love the design the dandelion head makes!

Dandelion crafts with kids, paint with dandelions

They make a fun starburst shape! It’s also fun to try painting with the leaves and such!

Tell the Legend of the Dandelion!

I wish I could write it here, but check out the site for the whole story!

Pre schoolers will love to hear the dandelion’s story!  The art project below is a great spring craft for preschoolers that pairs well with this little story!

The Legend of the Dandelion is a wonderful tale about a fairy who asks each flower where they would most like to live. When it comes to the dandelion, the answer makes her so happy with it’s inner beauty and love that she decides to grant the dandelions wish!

My kiddo loves books and reading, and the author of that story should really make something out of that! I know he’d love it!

P.S. If you’re kiddo also loves reading, here’s my list of the best camping / outdoor books for toddlers!

toddler playing with a dandelion
My guy attempting to blow on a dandelion a little too early!

Make a Dandelion Sensory Bottle!

This is great if you have babies as well as older kids!

Have the “Big brother” or “Big sister” add some dandelion heads, leaves and a couple of other fun things to the bottle.

Tape it up and give it a shake for the babies to enjoy!

dandelion sensory bottle crafts with kids
I thought this would be more for the babies than the toddler, but he REALLY liked filling the bottle! I couldn’t even get a good picture because by the time he was done with it, the bottle was all crunched and partially empty!

Smash Dandelions to see their color!

Sure to be a hit with the toddlers, smashing colorful flowers is super fun!

Just get a piece of paper, set them on top, and stomp away!

Encourage them to try other things they find too to see what happens when they are smashed!

things to do with dandelions
Another favorite, only beat by the sensory bottle craft! Toddlers love smashing stuff!

Plant some in a pot for the bees!

While not all of us can have dandelions in our yard ( I sadly pulled all mine out today as they are not allowed) we CAN put them in a pot for the bees!

This is a great first plant for toddlers, as they are pretty darn hard to kill, and grow fast!

Trust me, I’ve spent 3 years now trying to get rid of them in my yard (AGAIN, I’d love to keep them. Landlady has other plans!)

Just save some seeds and put them in a pot!

Kids love to see something they created change and grow!

Related Reading: If you love crafting with nature, you will also love this rock cleaning sensory bin – perfect to keep the little ones busy while you garden!

Print out my free dandelion craft activity book below to celebrate spring and get outside!

I created a fun printable that has seven dandelion crafts (some not listed here!) as well as a sticker completion page!

I don’t know about you, but after going camping to awesome places, it’s sometimes hard to get equally excited about the yard or the neighborhood. It’s so… normal!

But getting outside doesn’t have to be some giant trip! The kids won’t care where you go outside, as long as your out!

I created this fun activity book as something to do outside with the kids for the day.

I need a goal, a summit, or a mile marker to really feel accomplished. So now I can try and complete the “challenge” with my of the day with my toddler, and feel good that I spent quality time outdoors with him as well!

Sign up below if you know you want to do more dandelion crafts with this cute free printable!

Make a fresh dandelion salad!

This is one that needs to be done early spring! As soon as they pop up, harvest the plant (root and all if you want to make fun things like tea!)

Believe it or not, the dandelion leaves are packed with nutrients such as vitamins A,C, K and B. They also have tons of minerals such as zin, potassium, calcium, and choline!

This could be super fun with a toddler; they are GREAT at picking off leaves!

Get the smallest, tenderest ones there are and wash them off.

Prepare them like you would any other salad!

Things to do with dandelions - dandelion salad
You don’t eat the yellow parts (unless you want to fry them!) but try telling a toddler to avoid putting the bright fun yellow parts in the pan! Not happening! Just separate it later!

Don’t forget to pin this for some fun spring celebration ideas to do with your toddler!

Spring is so magical, and I absolutely love driving around and seeing fields of yellow… it just instantly makes me happy!

Is there anything fun you like to do with dandelions?

Leave it in the comments!

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