Welcome to the Crazy Outdoor Mama!

The Crazy Outdoor Mama was created based on a couple simple ideas that I hope you can relate to!

  • We are all a little crazy in the day to day of kids, cleaning, hanging out with family, me time, working out.. holy cow, what else??
  • Getting outside is a great way to reconnect with our families, give ourselves a break from the chore cycle (you know.. laundry, dishes, bed, bad etc..)
  • You don’t HAVE to do crazy stuff like you see on Instagram – a simple playtime in the front yard or visit to your local park is awesome!
  • We all enjoy the outdoors differently¬†– everyone wins though if we support each other with a common goal… getting out!

BUT.. the thought of getting outside can pretty intimidating when you have a whole other little person (or more!) to get ready!


With all the already overwhelming responsibilities as parents, I've made this a resource for all my fellow "crazy mamas (and papas!)" trying to keep it together and have some fun outside too!

Here are some camping articles to get you started - everything you need to know is inside!

we also rv camp, and I'd love to show you the tips and tricks we've learned to make it work with 5 in our 18 ft camper!