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Welcome to the Crazy Outdoor Mama!

The Crazy Outdoor Mama was created based on a couple simple ideas that I hope you can relate to!

  • We are all a little crazy in the day to day of kids, cleaning, hanging out with family, me time, working out.. holy cow, what else??
  • Getting outside is a great way to keep the kids busy, give ourselves a break from the chore cycle (you know.. laundry, dishes, bed, bad etc..)
  • You don’t HAVE to do crazy stuff like you see on Instagram – a simple playtime in the front yard or visit to your local park is awesome!
  • We all mom different – everyone wins though if we support each other with a common goal… getting out!

BUT.. the thought of getting outside can pretty intimidating when you have a whole other little person (or more!) to get ready!


With all the already overwhelming responsibilities as parents, I've made this a resource for all my fellow "crazy mamas (and papas!)" trying to keep it together and have some fun outside too!

Here are some camping articles to get you started - everything you need to know is inside!

OK that all sounds cool in theory, but what if i'm so tired and burnt out that i can't even think about actually getting the energy to go somewherE??

Even though going outdoors is fun, it’s nice to have your indoor life (sort of) under control too! 

Toddler tantrums, bedtime, weaning, TV time… I had 3 kids in 3 years (two of them are twins!) …

and having a SOMEWHAT peaceful home life is essential to me even having enough energy to do all that fun stuff like crafting, playing, and leaving the house.

I mean, who wants to even leave if you are already at the end of your line by 10 AM!

Here are some of my most shared resources regarding mom life and crafting! 

I hope they help you out!

(P.S. that pic below is of me with all 3 sick kids watching Moana for like the 3rd time… it happens!)