11 RV Bathroom Makeovers to Inspire You!

Hey fellow campers! Ready for some RV bathroom magic? I’ve rounded up 11 stunning transformations to inspire your own makeover project. From simple updates to total overhauls, these makeovers prove that even small spaces can be stylish.

Alongside each makeover, I’ll share practical tips so you can achieve similar results. Let’s dive in and transform your RV bathroom into a sanctuary on wheels!

Makeover #1: Clutter to Calm

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE all things storage containers… however, sometimes it can be nice to hide those for an overall less cluttered look. The wallpaper did make a beautiful difference, but the natural elements (like the wood shelving) helps the bins look less messy.

As you’ll find, organization in your camper is one of the most important things to a peaceful space!

before and after rv bathroom clutter
via Raegen D.
rv bathroom before and after with bold wallpaper
via Raegan D.

Makeover #2: Plain to Earth Toned

The before isn’t terrible – you’re average RV bathroom. However, with some paint on the walls and cabinets the place really comes to life. Now, add in the green of the plants to finish the look!

via Lindsay C.
rv reno with painted walls and hanging plants
via Lindsay C.

Makeover #3: Dated to Modern (Farmhouse)

If you’re looking to brighten your RV interiors (especially in such a small space like an RV bathroom) then the modern farmhouse look is for you! This aesthetic features tons of white contrasted with black, usually with little cute “homey” details like wood signs!

via Michelle L.
modern farmhouse rv decor ideas
via Michelle L.

Makeover #4: Dreary to Bright and Bold

What’s with RV designers and the too dark interiors (and hotel-esq decor)?! Ally repainted the walls and counter, as well as using some peel n stick wallpaper for the walls.

She also replaced the medicine cabinet for something less bulky – a gold accent mirror which goes well with the gold soap dispenser! I also love how she updated the hardware.

via Ally P.
via Alley P.

Makeover #5: Plain to Seascape

Unlike most other RV renovations, ANji already had a bright, big feeling bathroom with tons of storage. However, it was definitely lacking character.

She decided to create that character and story in her RV bathroom design with themed decor that all remind me of a lovely campsite by the sea! The sun hat, hues of blue tile backsplash, beachy pics and plants make this feel like a beach getaway!

via Anji D.
seascape beach themed rv bathroom decor
via Anji D.

Makeover #6: Vinyl Wood to Bright and Light

This particular style of wood is more common in older RVs (it went from the orangy vinyl wood to now either very dark wood or plain tan) and can be hard to cover up!

Jennie A made the space feel more open by replacing the bulky storage with a more visually appealing, modern cabinet, painting the walls, replacing the light fixture and adding a nicely ruffled shower curtain.

via Jennie A.

Makeover #7: Browns to Boho Beauty!

Courtney had an *impressive* RV bathroom makeover here (it’s hardly recognizable from the before picture!) She repaitned everything, and to create contrast, also replaced all the dated gold hardware with black.

The sink was also replaced (it’s dark now, so less staining!) as well as the lighting fixture and medicine cabinet. The round mirror really looks good in here – we’re all burnt out of the normal rectangular shape!

I wish I could see this whole renovation – you can just barely see the pretty light blue/teal color the rest of the camper is painted outside of the bathroom!

via Courtney K.
boho light blue rv bathroom renovation
via Courtney K.

Makeover #8: Shower Pizzaz!

With bathrooms being so small, you shouldn’t overlook the shower! You don’t have to rip it all out and redo it to make a difference either – look how beautiful a couple details add!

A little shower organization can go along ways – with the items neatly mounted in the shower, black hardware for contrast, and some greenery for life in the area, there really is a big difference made!

via Anji D.
via Anji D.

Makeover #9: Mundane to Modern

As you can see, the modern farmhouse aesthetic is *super* in for RV at the time of this writing (April 2024)… and this is another great example! The browns have been replaced by white and dark blue (as opposed to black) and has some pretty darn cool hardware features to make things pop.

The designer, Adriana K., shared some of what she used below

  • Bathroom Ceramic Sink here (Amazon)
  • Peel & Stick Tile. I used these for kitchen as well 
  • Contemporary Gold Faucet here (Amazon)
  • Bathroom Towel Hooks here (Amazon)
  • Gold Round Mirror – Marshalls
via Adriana K.
via Adriana K.

Makeover #10: Plain to Dark Acadamia

I’m not sure what other people refer to this as, but I called it “Dark Acadamia”. Obviously there’s the dark overall color, but it’s also the style of wallpaper design, the plants that were chosen, and other little details (such as the modern gold hardware)

If you’re curious, her wallpaper is here at Home Depot!

via Amy O.
via Amy O.

Makeover #11: Brown to Bright and Creative

Norma really had a *beautiful* before and after bathrom renovation! The blah brown storage areas all got brightened, as well as doors added to conceal clutter.

I also LOVE that fun wallpaper – accent walls go good anywhere!

via Norma B.
via Norma B.

Tips to Start With Your Own RV Bathroom Makeover

As you can see, there’s a giant spectrum for what constitutes a “makeover”. Sometimes all you need (or have the money/time for) is some pretty stick on wallpaper and tiles.

Other times, a bit of organization and decluttering with tasteful, modern pieces can help too! Here are my top tips to make a vibe change in your own camper’s bathroom

  • Add plants to add warmth/life
  • Bold wall paper on atleast one wall for an accent wall
  • Change the shower curtain
  • Update hardware to something more modern
  • Update lighting to something more modern
  • Paint walls or stick on wallpaper – white is popular, but make it your own!
  • Create extra storage to reduce visible clutter
  • Add conversation pieces – give your space “life” and a story. Good for conversation starters (framed pics, nice souvenirs etc)

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