13 Dreamy Hammock Camping Set Up Ideas + Pics

If you’re looking for a budget friendly and space saving way to get into camping, then hammock camping might be your jam! It’s similar in price to a ground tent setup, however many find it to be way more comfortable and just fun (who doesn’t want to fall asleep swaying under the stars?!) to opt for hammock camping instead.

Contrary to popular belief, hammock camping is not simply “camping in your hammock” – there’s actually purpose built gear that can really elevate your experience!

Key Features for a Sweet Hammock Tent Setup

Picking the perfect hammock camping tent gear is pretty straight forward, and is different than just throwing your sleeping bag into a hammock =P. Anyways, here’s some important additions camping hammocks have that you should look for when buying yours.

Appropriate Length

One of the biggest tips to sleep comfortable is to get a hammock that is plenty long – ideally, 11′. There are 9′ and 10′ versions of camp hammocks, however the lengthier versions will make for a more flat lay, and therefore more comfort!

Bug Net

Some come built in, some you can buy separate to hang over your hammock. If you already have a “regular” hammock and are trying to save some money, it could be handy to just buy a hammock mosquito net rather than pay for a whole new setup.

Rain Fly

Most hammock tents you buy come with their own optional use rain fly and associated hardware, however if yours didn’t there are plenty of stand alone hammock specific rain flies that are fairly affordable too!

Appropriate Underquilt

If you’re summer camping and it doesn’t get under 55 F at night, then you likely won’t need to worry about this. But, if you like to keep cozy or just want to have everything *just incase*, this is good to keep on hand! Most have some sort of quick connect method that works with the hammock to ensure a tight fit.

These add a bit of weight, but again, that’s only a concern if you’re backpacking.

The Top 3 Hammock Camping Tents to Look Out For

Finding the perfect hammock camping tent can be both overwhelming and exciting. Here are three of the best hammock camping tents on the market with a wide variety of features to match your preferences.

I try to keep my lists small and to the point lately (Top 3s) but I wanted to mention that the Warbonnet Hammocks are awesome too!

1. Night Cat Camping Hammock

green night cat camping hammock with built in tarp and mosquito net

Quick Facts

  • Number of People: One
  • Weight Limit: 440 Lbs
  • Mosquito Net Included? YES
  • Rain Fly Included? YES
  • Sleeping Pad Included? No (but does have a built in pocket for one so it doesn’t slide around)
  • Underquilt Included?: No

This is the most budget friendly on the list – at just under $100 as of 2/19/2024, and the matching sleeping pad for under $50 (which includes a pillow!), you only need to figure out the underquilt situation. If it’s not getting too cold, you may be able to get away without using it!

However, if you do end up needing one, but don’t have the funds, unzip an extra sleeping bag and wrap it under your hammock to provide extra insulation.

There are also a couple of nice features such as rain diversion straps and built in gear hooks!

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2.Layflat Haven Hammock Tent

hammock tent with flat design
via Amazon.com

Quick Facts

  • Number of People: One
  • Weight Limit: 285 Lbs
  • Mosquito Net Included? YES
  • Rain Fly Included? YES
  • Sleeping Pad Included? YES
  • Underquilt Included?: No

If you want a slightly roomier, more flat sleeping area then you’ll be excited to hear about the Haven Tent! Back, side and stomach sleepers (I can attest to this!) have a hard time sleeping in hammocks because of the intense curve.

This design ensures you have a roomy space with spreader bars as well as plenty of hanging organizing pockets. The only you’ll need is an underquilt (which is fairly common!). However, you do seem to pay for this extra space and such – at the time of writing, 2/20/2024, it is certainly pricey compared to others on this list!

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3. Hennessy Hammock

hennessy hammock with bug net
via Jimmie C.
  • Number of People: One
  • Weight Limit: 285 Lbs
  • Mosquito Net Included? YES (built in)
  • Rain Fly Included? YES
  • Sleeping Pad Included? YES
  • Underquilt Included?: No

If you care about the little details and quality of a setup, then you’re going to want to invest into something like the Hennessy Hammock.

With multiple model options offering features such as zipped side or bottom entry, an asymmetrical rainfly and a structured ridgeline, this hammock will survive the test of time!

I was doing some reading on their about page, and the owner developed their many awesome hammock designs over YEARS – in fact, the unique asymmetrical design of the hammock is from traveling to Central America and noticing the people there sleep diagonally and are much more comfy this way!

Not only that, but when looking in FB groups and Reddit Forums, this hammock is *always* mentioned when people ask what the most quality hammock is.

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Hammock Camping Setup 101

Now that we’ve got the perfect hammock, let’s talk about setting it up. It’s nice if you have a place nearby you can practice setting up so you don’t have to figure it all out on the spot! A more detailed set up guide is here, but this is a “Cliff Notes” version for you =D :

  1. Finding the Sweet Spot – Look for two sturdy trees that are about 12-15 feet apart. The circumference of the trees, and the spacing, will decide the type of straps or suspension system you will need.
  2. Hanging Your Hammock – Wrap your straps around the trees at head height. Connect the hammock using the carabiners or loops provided. Adjust the tension to keep the hammock at the perfect sag — not too taut, not too loose.
  3. Rain Tarp Setup – If there’s a hint of rain, set up your tarp next. Ensure the ridgeline is tight and high enough that it won’t collect water. Anchor the corners low and level to the ground for wind protection.
  4. Underquilt If Necessary – Slip your underquilt onto the hammock and keep the velcro fastened for a snug fit. Ensure it covers the entire length of the hammock to keep you warm from head to toe.
  5. Sleep Tight! – With your setup complete, all that’s left is to climb into your hammock and enjoy the canopy bed of your dreams, beneath the stars.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Don’t shy away from setting up your hammock tent in your backyard to master the art.

Hammock Camping Setup Ideas

Depending on the length of time your camping, your preferred comfort level, and the temperatures, a hammock camp setup can be pretty minimal or a bit more involved. Most sites do includes atleast a light source and small mat to put their things outside the hammock – the rest varies!

hammock set up in forest with rain fly and lantern
via Cesar L.
pretty hamock in between two trees overlooking a hill side
via Chana H. (Warbonnet)

The string lights are great lighting in this hammock (and I love the rectangle shape as it does seem roomier)

string lights for hammock camping tent lighting
via Troy M. (Haven XL)
via Dustin M. (Warbonnet)
hammock camping tent setup idea with tarp in front of hammock
via Chris S.
hammock camping set up with bug net and underquilt
via Mors N.
stand alone camping hammock anchored with motorcycle
via Andrew R. (Tesna 4 Stand with Hennessy Hammock)
via Damon A. (Green one is Hennessy Hammock)
hunting forest camouflage hammock night cat
via Tom W (Night Cat)
hunting snowy day camo hammock
via Mig H. (Warbonnet with Snowy Day Camo)
lone wolf hammock hot tent for winter
via Rob G. (Lone Wolf “Hot Tent” cover)
interior of hot hammock tent
via Chris F. (layout inside a hammock “hot tent”)

I love this DIY hanging table idea in the picture below! It’s nice to have a flattish place to set things!

table hanging near hammock in woods
via Hanson R.

Hammock Camping FAQs

Though hammock camping *appears* simple, there are some details that are important to know before heading out!

Can I use just any rope to hang my hammock tent?

If you’re in a pinch, and there’s no straps or anything, yes. But bare ropes can cause damage to the tree bark, especially over long term use, so it’s good to avoid it whenever possible! Straps work better and are way easier to use and tighten!

What if I can’t find decent trees to hang my hammock?

If you can’t find trees, (which can be hard in rocky or desert terrain especially) trekking poles and boulders also make reliable anchor points. If you’re able to, and don’t mind, camping next to your car, you can also get a hitch mounted hammock hanger!

Stand alone hammock frames are another great non tree option!

Can I camp anywhere with a hammock tent?

Always follow local guidelines and stay posted on the camping rules of the area. National parks often have specific rules about hammock camping, so it’s good to check ahead of time.

How do I stay warm in a hammock?

An underquilt is an essential piece of gear that provides an insulating layer beneath your hammock, preventing the cold air from stealing your warmth. In combination with a sleeping pad and sleeping bag too, you end up being quite warm!

You can *maybe* skip this if you don’t expect your nights to get under 55 degrees Farenheight!

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