4H Archery Worksheets for Kids – Parts of a Compound Bow + More!

If you’re looking for a way to teach your kids/students about archery then you’ll love this printable archery learning packet! These are a fun way to practice archery knowledge or use as a reference in your 4H club!

When I was helping my son put his end of year project together, I was surprised that there were hardly any “worksheets” – plenty of diagrams, but hardly any options that had blanks for kids to be able to practice themselves.

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Worksheets in the Archery Basics Packet

These were made for my eight year old son, so they may be “basic” for older kids who may be expected to know more, but would still be great for an older kid who is new to archery!

It’s always best to consult your local 4H when it comes to specifics they need to know. For my local Idaho 4H, they said his age group is expected to identify parts of a bow, an arrow, as well as know atleast 3 basic safety rules and the whistle commands.

I have included worksheets that cover each of those topics as well as an optional cover if you choose to use the full pack.

Parts of a Compound Bow Identification Worksheet

This is based on my son’s compound bow, a Diamond Archery Prism, and cover’s the essentials – if you get down to the nitty gritty, I know there’s probably 5+ more things you could label. I did make sure to look at various 4H archery documents and make sure I included what was most commonly mentioned in their identification diagrams.

Don’t worry – there is an answer sheet in the PDF packet too! =P

parts of a compound bow worksheet for 4h archery practice
If you like, you could optionally provide an answer bank on the board if the kids are younger or very new to archery.

Parts of an Arrow Identification Worksheet

This is done in the same style as the compound bow worksheet before this (and is part of what the youngest 4H age group is expected to know!)

parts of an arrow worksheet

Archery Whistle Command Meanings

For this one, I have two different ways to answer – simply writing them in, or choosing the correct option from four different options. There’s also a sort of poster style answer sheet so that you can opt to just hang it up at your range/classroom if you like!

whistle commands archery practice sheet
archery whistle commands poster
This functions as an answer key and could be used as a poster!

10 Basic Archery Safety Rules

I want to clarify that all of this is based on 4H archery – I’m sure an actual archery range in a store/private establishment may want more. These are also extremely simplified so that it’s easier for kids to remember.

basic archery range rules for 4h

Download Your 4H Archery Packet

This is great for practicing at home or for your club members to do on a rainy day. I have included a cover so that you could make a full packet out of it if you like. Don’t forget – the answers are included!

Download the archery basics activity pack

archery activity to practice labeling bow arrow and practice whistle commands

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