Why THIS Blog Planner Worked (And it’s Under $10!)

blogging planner

Whether you’re just starting your blogging journey or are years in, you realized something – there are ALOT of numbers to track, and MANY hats you have to wear! I have been building my website and business for three years, and in that time, have tried adapting so many journals to fit my business. Sometimes they were more of a guide, however guides get outdated super fast as technology moves fast! I tried calendar style planners, but it was too hard to keep a schedule when I was starting up … Read more

Awesome Email Readers – =D

IF you’ve landed here, it’s because you are an awesome reader, I am thankful for your support, and so I wanted to give you something! Most times these are seasonal paid products I choose from my Etsy store… so enjoy, and thank you so much for reading my emails! Current Awesome Email Special – New Thanksgiving Activity Pack for kids From the 11/24 email, here is the updated planner I mentioned. Thanks for reading! =D Click here to go to the PDF – I ask that you keep this for … Read more

13 Best Travel Trailers Under 3500 lbs (2022) Video Tours + Pics

There are more lightweight travel trailers than ever before! Gone are the days when small SUV owners were stuck tent camping or pulling a tiny pop up. In fact, in some of the 3,500 lb travel trailers on my list, you’ll find sleeping for 4 or more, generously sized bathrooms, well-equipped kitchens, and even off-road capabilities!  One even has a fireplace! 😲  All of this in an ultra-lite camper that can be pulled by a small SUV and even some crossovers. SWEET!  So whether you want a travel trailer under … Read more

Top 5 Roadschooling Destinations in the Northeast and New England

More families than ever before are traveling to give their kids a more hands-on education. Whether roadschooling is your full-time choice for your children’s education or an amazing supplement to other educational options, chances are that you’ve realized what an incredible impact these experiences can have on learning – for the whole family!  You have probably also realized, however, that there are more educational opportunities and roadschooling destinations out there than anyone could ever have time or resources to explore. Trying to do it all will leave your family exhausted … Read more

FUN Kids Nocturnal Desert Animals Unit Study [Printable PDF]

If your kids love all things “spooky” then learn more about nocturnal animals – we especially love to do this one around Halloween! I once saw a Wild Kratts Halloween episode that, while it did feature bats, also had tons of other “spooky” night time creatures. It totally inspired me to create a paper version of this, especially since my kids seem to wish it was Halloween all year and enjoy all things night time! What’s included in this educational night time animals pack! This five page black and white … Read more

Fun + Educational Pinecone Unit Study for Kids!

Kids will love to learn more about pinecones with this printable activity pack! Since we live in Wyoming, we have a TON of pine trees and so.. lots of pinecones! My kids ask endless questions about them, so hopefully, this packet helps answer some of those (I learned something too!) What’s included in this printable pinecone unit study This seven page black and white PDF is formatted for 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper and has a mix of fun facts and games! Pinecone facts for kids Learn the various way … Read more

Fun DIY 4th of July Patriotic Lantern Craft and Decor for Kids (Or Adults!)

pretty 4th of july home decor diy for kids or adults

What better way to craft for the 4th of July with the kids than with something glowly like the fireworks… a patriotic GLOWING lantern! If you’ve ready any of my other articles, you probably already know that I really, really love to use what’s around the house as much as possible for my crafts. I’ve had a couple orange juice bottles sitting around and I finally found the perfect craft for them! Pretty decorative lanterns that can be as advanced (or simple!) as you like! Here we go! How to … Read more

5 Things to Know That Make Toddlers So Much Easier to Handle!

These 5 essential toddler parenting tips and tricks will make life with your little one so much easier!

Guys, if you are anywhere close to toddlerhood, then you have likely been warned 100 times over about “the terrible twos” or “threenager threes”… I know I was. It makes you freak out about losing your sweet, innocent baby and, apparantly, watching them morph into a terror.. or at least according to other people. But here’s the thing – that DOESN’T have to happen to you! It’s all about having the knowledge and the understanding about what your toddler is going through… and none of it is terrible! I’m not … Read more

No Borax or Contact Solution Slime Recipe + Snake Rescue Sensory Game!

If you haven’t heard already, slime is THE THING right now for kids, but dealing with measuring out borax (or having to find it and buy it!) or contact solution is a pain in the butt… so check out this recipe WITHOUT the borax or contact solution! No, I didn’t reinvent the wheel guys – elmers glue just got on the gravy train and made their own activator that works PERFECT with their glue! I had never heard of it (and trust me, I’ve been scoping out alot of slime … Read more

17 Hillarious Responses to Unwanted Pregnant Belly Touching From Strangers!

parenting humor for pregnant women with funny pregnancy memes for moms

OK, I know that being pregnant just seems to bring joy to everyone around you – but pregnant belly touching IS NOT A THING!! With my first, I was honestly too wierded out by it to really say anything – pregnant or not, I think it’s weird to touch someone you don’t know! With my twins though, I was MASSIVE! I think people were too weirded out BY ME to try.. although I did get alot of comments on my size! Anyways, I thought I’d get a collection of comments … Read more