Awesome Email Readers – =D

IF you’ve landed here, it’s because you are an awesome reader, I am thankful for your support, and so I wanted to give you something!

Most times these are seasonal paid products I choose from my Etsy store… so enjoy, and thank you so much for reading my emails!

Current Awesome Email Special – New Thanksgiving Activity Pack for kids

From the 11/24 email, here is the updated planner I mentioned. Thanks for reading! =D

Click here to go to the PDF – I ask that you keep this for personal/class use only. ^_^

Past Awesome Reader Specials!

10/17 – Set of 7 Camping Pumpkin Carving Templates

11/7 – RV Checklists + Maintenance Logs

11/21 – New 25 Page Kids Camping Planner

11/24 – NEW Thanksgiving Activity Packet for Kids

Fav picture of the week

Our last good hike before the weather started getting super cold. I love being around big pine trees, and the kids do too. TONS of pinecones to throw in!

Happy Thanksgiving, stay safe and enjoy time with loved ones- Stacy

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