27 RV Office Conversion Ideas to Transform Your Space [Video + Pictures!]

More people than ever are hitting the road with their business and finding the need to create an RV office to work from.

While there are a variety of camper floorplans, there are some office musts (such as a desk and chair) that are compact and work almost anywhere.

Check out some of these office ideas and start planning your own “Office on Wheels!”


What are some ideas to put an office in an RV?

Tearing out a dinette is the most popular option, but there are SO many floorplans and work flows, so it’s likely that all these solutions will be possible. Many people do this to make their space more homey and accommodating to their lifestyle, so you will need to choose what works best for you!

However, here are some workspace ideas I’ll show you today

  • Tear out and replace the dinette
  • Tear out and replace the couch/recliners
  • Use the bedroom (the bed can be the seat)
  • Use the garage area of a toy hauler
  • Custom build a desk insert to create more office space
  • Utilize a fold down desk set up
  • Convert the bunkhouse to an office
  • Create a standing workspace (and mount the monitors up high!)
  • For RVs, use the front seat area
  • Lastly… just buy it already built in!

For more information, scroll to the bottom of this article for a FAQ. To see video tours of some RV home offices, check out this video!

Tear out the dinette and replace it with an office setup

This is the most common solution – dinettes are usually pretty easy to remove and are the perfect size for a small office. If you are able to custom build anything, you’ll be able to utilize the space even better.

dinette in rv custom built idea
I love this seemingly custom build office desk – it makes great use of the spacce and even has room for storage and a sitting area! via Darren C.
home office space in rv with kennel for dogs
I love that this set up includes kennels – what a space saver! – via Hannah C
home office in camper ideas
via Deanna H.
home office in removed dinette spot
via David D.
office in rv dinette
via Nicole B.
idea for office in camper removed dinette
via Serena M.
Custom built office table where the dinette was – via Julie M.
rv office in class c dinette
This one is in a Class C – via Melissa C.

Bunkhouses converted to home RV offices

If you prefer some space, then you might love the idea of getting a camper that has a separate bunkhouse area. They also have a ton of space, a door, and a bit of natural light!

bunkhouse converted to home office in rv
THIS is my dream – my own room with a door! I got 3 kiddos, so separation is super important! via Brandon. J
office space in torn out bunkhouse of rv large office space
The space is AMAZING here – if your work involves anything besides just typing/printing, a bigger room like this is great! via Tonia S.
rv home office with lots of storage
The awesome amount of storage space in this office set up is so useful! – via Bruce K.
pretty modern home office in camper with window
The bright colors make this already spacious feeling home RV office feel even bigger! via Tonia S.

Built In Desk Options (No Modifying… it’s ready to use!)

Many RV manufacturers have noticed the ever increasing amount of campers working on the road, and it seems they’ve responded! I didn’t even know this was a thing until I started researching options myself, but this could save a lot of time, especially if you already know you plan to work from your RV.

5th wheel built in office 2021 brookstone
This midbunk office set up comes ready to use in the 2021 Brookstone. Sweet! – via Taylor A.
rv with office space and desk midden 2021 luxe 41
This is another option of a built in office space (this time, in a Midden 2021 Luxe 41GMD) via Stephania S
rvs with office room floorplan grand design
This built in office space is WAY more than I’ve seen – storage above, room for plenty of monitors and even a cabinet below the desk! – via Karen V

Converted toy hauler/garage to RV home office!

These layouts are the best idea for families who plan on homeschooling or couples who work from the road. They have plenty of space, light, and since they’re completely open, you can really modify to your exact needs!

toy hauler garage rv office idea
SOOO much space! This is in garage of a toy hauler! – via Jim J.
toy hauler garage modern office space
Another very modern design – you can barely tell this is an RV! – via B. Scott
toy hauler with converted garage
If you have a job where you need ALOT of monitors, definitely think of a toy hauler when going on the road! – via S. Ashton
toy hauler home office idea
One of my favorites about toy haulers – the amount of natural light! If you need sunlight in your life, a home office in the “garage” of a toy hauler is a great option! – via Harold S.

Couples / Double Monitor Office Setups in Campers

If both partners work, or you have multiple kids who need internet access for schoolwork, these home office camper ideas have enough space for 2+ monitors!

couples office in rv ideas
I love this set up for couples who work together (though some might say it’s TOO close =P). It is handy if working on similar projects! via Mia A.
working couple office space in rv
While there isn’t a second monitor in use in this picture, there is definitely space for one! – via Carrie C.
couples office space in rv
A simple, clean set up for a couple or kids! – via Joanna
couples workspacce in rv
This office has a view and is perfect for two! via Jess H.
rv office in couch area
There are multiple monitors in use for this set up – a second chair would be easy to fit in (this is where the couch used to be) – via Cindy G

Misc. Other RV Office Ideas

These don’t fit in a particular category, but are great ideas worth sharing!

custom built desk in dinette
This custom built desk fits perfectly! – via Julie M.
two monitor set up in camper
via Ray H.
home office setup in rv
LOVE the clean, modern design and natural light in this office set up! – via Elisha M.
home office in rv slideout ideas
via Kati M.
office space in camper ideas modern
Beautiful and plenty of light – via H. Joy
replace rv couch with office desk
This used to be the couch – now it’s an office! via Kara K.
home office ideas in camper
via Michelle C.
modern office in rv
One of my favorites… very spacious! – via Andrea R.
rv bedroom office
If short on space (IE, you don’t want to tear anything out!) then doing something like this in your bedroom might work. – via Sacha L
decor ideas for camper office
Love this bright decor! via Amber W.
decor ideas for rv office
via Ty S.

FAQ Creating the RV Workspace of You Dreams

What are some more modern decor ideas for my camper office?

For more decor ideas, I recommend checking out this beautiful roundup!

What RVs come with an office already built in?

If you already know you want your next RV or camper to have space for an office, why DIY it – just buy a camper with a floorplan that already includes it. Here are some – for a full list, check this list out!

  • Keystone HIdeout 38FKTS
  • Keystone Cougar 31MBS
  • Montana Keystone Arcadia 3660RL
  • Grand Design Solitude 378MBS
  • Winnebago Forza 38D
  • Fleetwood Discovery LXE 36HQ

This Youtube video features some 5th wheels that come with offices built into the midbunk area!

What type of chairs and desks work well in an RV office?

Unless you have special medical requirements, or a ton of space, something that is comfy but compact is a great option.

  • Folding Ergonomic Chair – This one has a fold in back so that it’s easier to stow away when not in use. It’s also a back friendly design!
  • Stand Up Desk – It saves a ton of space and is healthier for you than sitting around all day (especially after already driving so much!)
  • 2 Tier Desk to Save Space – Go up, not out! I love that this desk is all metal and on wheels (so it’s easy to move). THere’s spots for a printer, keyboard, tower and monitor!
  • Folding Desk w/Shelf – If you don’t want to leave your workstation set up, a foldable desk is a great desk option for your RV
  • Flip Down Desk – If you hae some wall space and feel confident with mounting something in your camper, this is an AWESOME option – espeically for in the bedroom (since you can just use the foot of the bed as a seat)
2 tier desk to save space in camper

Do you feel ready to take your office on the road?

I hope all these tips have helped inspire you – let me know if you have had an awesome office conversion so I can add it to this list!

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