13 Ways To Make Your Camper More Homey!

Whether you are living in your camper or simply want to feel more “at home” when in it, there are some easy and beautiful ways to get the cozy home aesthetic.

This article will focus on some simple switches and additions you can do to your camper’s décor that will have a BIG affect on the aesthetic! After all, when you are constantly traveling and seeing new places, it feels really good to come “home” to a camper that feels like home.

how to make your camper feel like home with these easy tips for updating the interior

Many campers come with outdated valances on the windows, which can make the space feel stuffy and closed off. Remove these and add some curtains instead to let in more natural light and create a more open, airy feel.

Related: Create your own blackout window covers to match the aesthetic of the rest of your camper… and to help regulate your camper’s temps!

stylish camper interior with wood beams, white curtains, plant and brown couch
via Craig R.

Add Some Peel N Stick Backsplash

While not the only option, Peel N Stick in your kitchen or bathroom is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to elevate the decor!

add peel n stick backsplash to make camper homier
via Kelly B

Switch Out the Chairs

Let’s face it, some campers come with less than comfortable, industrial looking chairs. Consider switching them out for something more cozy and inviting, like bean bag chairs or simply something more modern.

I love this dinette below (the benches have been replaced with wooden trunks) because it both matches the rustic aesthetic AND has tons of extra storage!

rustic themed camper interior with trunks as bench seats
via Keeley B.

Replace the Standard Couches That Came With the Camper

Similar to the chairs, campers often come with standard couches that may not be the most comfortable or stylish. Upgrade to a more modern and comfortable option to make your living space feel more like home.

This is also a great way to set the mood/aesthetic for the camper. Since campers are so small, the couch tends to stick out as a statement piece… so use it wisely!

The example below looks so modern and beautiful – the leather couch, sage round stools and leopard print rug give this camper interior tons of personality and style!

camper interior with leopard print rug, leather couch, sage green wall
via Craig R.

Add Paint or Wallpaper To Bright the Space

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider adding some bold paint or bright wallpaper to one of the walls in your camper. This can add a fun pop of color and personality to the space as well as making it feel bigger (especially if you had a dark/tan color before).

This is also helpful to do if you have kids who likely want to have their own defined space that feels like them. Wallpaper can create “rooms” in an other wise open floor plan – besides, anything feels better than the plain tan color most come in!

pastel blue painted camper interior with modern lighting
via Emily W.
brick accent wall in front of camper fireplace
via Keeley B.

Add Rugs

Rugs are a great way to add personality and coziness to a space. They can also protect and insulate your floors – just keep an eye out for something that is easy to wash!

We personally love having an outdoor rug too as it really cuts down on the amount of dirt that makes it into the camper!

rug to add modern aesthetic to camper
via Nykky S.

Use Your Favorite Bedding and Pillows

One of the easiest ways to make your camper feel more like home is by using your own bedding and pillows. This will not only add familiarity, but it will also make for a more comfortable sleeping experience.

Most RV mattresses are fairly uncomfortable, so you may also want to look into a mattress topper or just a whole new one if you plan on full timing in it!

via Craig R.

Personalize With Decorations

Don’t be afraid to personalize your camper with decorations and items that hold sentimental value and make you smile. While it’s great if everything matches the aesthetic (like the example below with sage green and other natural elements), even the knick knacks and things are fun to display too!

boho natural aesthetic camper interior with sage green, plants and wood elements
via Kristan B

Add Greenery With Plants

There’s just something about a good houseplant that makes a place feel like home – it turns out, the same applies to a camper. You don’t *have* to use a live plant even as there are so many good fakes now a days!

house plant draping down in front of white camper kitchen
via Brianna H.

Tackle the Clutter To Make the Space Feel Bigger

You could have the most beautiful renovation job ever done, but if your eye is constantly drawn to the clutter, it may never be appreciated! Campers are notoriously small, with even more notoriously weird sized storage spaces, so it’s important to establish some organization in your rig.

Spend some time finding bins that match your aesthetic AND fit your space – most RVers like to use a non see through bin (such as the fabric totes or wicker bins) so that it’s less distracting.

pastel colored plastic totes for camper aesthetic
via Missy F.
wicker boxes used for underbed storage in camper
via Bethany V.

Update the Bathroom With Bold Color or Pattern

Bathrooms offer lots of opportunity for personalization – from the shower curtain to the backsplash and cabinet colors, there’s alot to be done in a small space. On top of the decor, it’s also important to make sure your camper’s bathroom stays organized.

With super small space, it doesn’t take a ton of clutter to make it messy or take away from your aesthetic!

white tile backsplash and blue cabinet in bathroom or rv
Via Keeley B.
bathroom camper decor idea wallpaper
via Kelly B.
earthy aesthetic in camper bathroom
via Kelly B.

Create a Kids Room

If you have kids, I bet one of the #1 reasons you’re trying to make your camper more homey is so that your kids enjoy the experience. Depending on the age of your kids and how many you have, this could be an easy or difficult thing.

If you can, dedicate a space to be the “kids room” – some people have campers with bunkrooms already built in, but you an also convert the dinette, slide out, or master bedroom to the kids.

A piece of advice (as a mom with 3 kids) to keep both the peace and privacy in campers is to aim for somewhere with a door for either you or the kids to be. We have our own bedroom, and dedicated the “toy” space in our toy hauler to be the playroom… it’s nice to be able to close the door sometimes. =P

Some camper kids room ideas are listed below, but here is a giant list of kids bunkroom ideas!

kids play area in rv
via Lauren C.
dinette replaced with kids play area
via Joe C.
montessori kids space in rv
via Alyssa S.
master bedroom converted to kids room in rv
via Alyssa V.
kids room in 5th wheel attic with cute car rug
via Alyssa M.

Are You Ready To Turn Your Camper Into a Camper *Home*?

With a few personal touches, it’s easy to get rid of the dark brown or industrial aesthetic most campers come decorated with. Here are some more resources that may help your enjoy your travel trailer experience even more!

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how to make your camper feel like home with these easy tips for updating the interior
how to make your camper feel like home with these easy tips for updating the interior

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