11 RV Kids Bunk Room Ideas PERFECT for Families!

So you got the perfect RV that includes bunkroom – now how do you make it a perfect spot for the kids? It’s hard to balance functionality and style sometimes, especially in a small area such as an RV or a camper. With 3 kids myself, I LOVE seeing and sharing ideas on how to convert the bunk space into a super functional but FUN area (that has more uses than just sleeping!) The age of your kids is SUPER important when planning your space – IE, a younger kiddo … Read more

11 Best Warm Weather Sleeping Bags for Summer of 2022

Summer is by far the best time of year for camping – warm weather means the ability to hang out outside all day, go swimming, and sit around by the campfire.  But it also means that when it’s time to go to bed, it might still be hot and sticky out. So, I’ve compiled this list of the very best warm weather sleeping bags so you can stay comfy all night long – no matter the temperature. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission should you purchase through any … Read more

11 Cool Travel Trailers Under 2000 lbs | Video Tours!

Having a travel trailer for weekend adventures or full-time living is super fun and convenient. However, many travel trailers are heavy and require large trucks or other heavy-duty vehicles to tow. If you want to minimize the weight you’re towing (maybe so you can tow with a vehicle you already have), there are tons of options for ultra lightweight travel trailers under 2,000 pounds. The demand has really exploded over the last 10 years as people are really looking for minimalist camping setups with a small footprint, so there are … Read more

14 Best Portable Camping Showers to Stay Squeaky Clean in the Woods | 2022

I’m sure it’s happened to you at least once. If it hasn’t happened to you…well, you better prepare yourself. Sooner or later it will. You know how it goes… You pull up to a campground, set up your campsite and then head over to the bathhouse to get a shower. You open the shower stall and are greeted with something that looks like… Let me tell you from personal experience…there are a lot of nasty campground showers out there. That’s why it pays to be prepared with a portable camping … Read more

Solo Stove Lite vs. Ohuhu | My Surprising Experience With Both Stoves

solo stove vs ohuhu for backpacking stove

Welcome to the great battle between two of the most popular mini wood-burning camp stoves — the Solo Stove Lite and the Ohuhu.  On the one hand we’ve got the Lite, the crowd favorite from the popular Solo Stove firepit brand.  And on the other hand we’ve got the Ohuhu, the budget-priced and what some would call “knock-off” version of the Lite that you can find for a fraction of the price on Amazon. Both claim to do the same thing — give you an efficient and lightweight mini wood … Read more

11 of the Smallest Class C RVs in 2022 | Video Tours!

Small Class C RVs provide the driveability of a van, with the living space of a mid-sized travel trailer. This makes them a really popular option for anyone who wants a driveable RV that can maneuver rough roads and hard-to-reach campsites. But just because they’re small, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice basic amenities!! What is a Small Class C RV? A Class C RV is a driveable RV Class between Class B (vans), and Class A (large motorhomes). They’re typically built on a truck chassis–for example, a Ford E-350, … Read more

RV Dining Table Replacement – Your Complete Guide +Tips, Tricks and Ideas

RV dining tables can take up a lot of room, may not be visually appealing, or may just not work for your lifestyle when you’re on the road.  That’s why a lot of RVers choose to replace their RV dining table. Whether you want to add more storage space, or you need to work-from-home office, it’s relatively easy to remove your RV dining table and replace it with something more functional. So, if you want to replace your dining table with a larger or smaller table, or just get rid … Read more

13 of the Best Camping Tables Worthy of Your Next Camping Trip

Ah…the good old picnic table. They’re a staple at most campgrounds and end up being the second centerpiece of the campsite (after the fire ring).  But I’m sure we’ve all had it happen where you pull up to a campsite only to find the picnic table is completely falling apart. Or maybe you’re boondocking or camping in a rustic campground without tables.  Not to worry…your portable camping table is ready to save the day!  A foldable camping table is an essential part of your camping gear that gets used hard, … Read more

12 Best Travel Trailers with King Beds | Video Tours!

Sleeping in your huge king bed at home may feel like a big luxury, but sleeping in a king bed in a travel trailer feels even nicer. Especially after a long day of hiking, biking, or swimming, nothing feels better than coming home to your comfy king bed. There are tons of travel trailers out there with large, king sized beds so you don’t have to sacrifice your sleeping comfort just because you’re in a trailer. Whether you want to sleep 3 in a single bed, or you just want … Read more

15 of the Smallest Campers With Bathrooms | Video Tours!

The convenience of having a small camper is unbeatable. You can tow ‘em anywhere you want and with pretty much any vehicle you have. But if you don’t have a bathroom in your camper, things can get pretty inconvenient, pretty fast. Not having a toilet to use when there’s nowhere to go, and not being able to take a hot shower after a long day of hiking is a huge drawback of most small camping trailers. Luckily, there are more small campers out there that have bathrooms than you might … Read more