19 Glamping Games and Ideas for a FABULOUS Party or Camp Trip!

If you are looking to throw a fabulous glamping-themed camp party, then look no further when it comes to games than here – whether it’s charades or a scavenger hunt, fun is guaranteed! With my twin girls getting older and getting to love camping more and more, I knew a “girly” or “princess” camp party request would come up… so I was super excited to make these Glamping themed printables for the occasion. I also wanted to include some decor tips and activities to do during your Glamp Out party … Read more

Gili Gear Sand Free Camping Mats + Bags Review (mess-free RVing!)

I don’t know about you, but it sometimes feels like a constant battle when we’re camping between the dirt and our patio mats… until we found these Gili Gear ones! If you like to boondock (or heck, if you like to prevent dust from getting in) you likely have some sort of patio mat already. We had gotten one from Amazon that did what it was supposed to – got most of the dirt off our shoes before we got in. The issue was, it STAYED on the mat. The … Read more

DIY Sliding Bin for Outdoor RV Storage Compartments (pics included!)

organizing the outdoor bin in your camper

If you have a travel trailer and have struggled with how best to utilize that weird, long outside storage compartment then you will love today’s quick DIY! I LOVE all the Facebook RV groups because of the plethora of information and DIY’s shared – today’s comes from C. Prachar, and she is sharing how she whipped up a simple but effective solution to all that weird, almost unusable storage space. What you’ll need to make this handy storage bin for your camper Sheet of 1/2″ plywood Varrying # of 2x4s … Read more

13 Best Quiet RV Generators (2021) for Camping in Peace

Noisy RV generators can quickly make a quiet, serene spot in the outdoors sound like a loud construction site. Save yourself (and your camping neighbors) the headache and get one of these top quiet RV generators.  Some of these RV generators are small, light, and perfect for powering your lights, devices, and small appliances. Others are a bit larger and able to power a moderately sized RV or travel trailer—including A/C units and refrigerators. Some of these RV generators are even 100% silent! Let’s get right to the list of … Read more

11 Best Travel Trailers Under 5000 lbs (2021) Video Tours, Pics + Floor Plans!

There are plenty of reasons to want a travel trailer under 5000 lbs. What’s yours? Do you want a little more comfort than tent camping but aren’t ready to buy a huge towing vehicle? Maybe you want an ultralight travel trailer to maximize MPGs on long road trips? Or maybe your budget doesn’t allow for both kids and a luxurious class A motorhome? And, well…since you’ve already got the kids, you’ve got to settle for a more reasonable travel trailer the family SUV can tow. Whatever your reasons are, I’ve … Read more

9 GENIUS Ideas to Organize Your RV Shower Area (and stop spilling your soaps every trip!)

There’s nothing worse than pulling up to your campsite and rushing to use the bathroom only to find your toilitries on the floor and spilling everywhere! So check out these shower organization ideas for your camper to make transit AND shower time more peaceful! Organization in your RV Shower Space From dispensers to hanging organizers, there’s a wide variety of ways to organize your shower area that greatly depend on use. I know we personally use our whole shower area for storage and just have it easy enough to move … Read more

BEST Prime Day Camping and RV Deals [June 21st 2021]

It’s no joke that while Amazon Prime has a TON of awesome camping stuff, not all of it is very good. A savings of $5 on $100+ items is barely worth mentioning (and certainly not when there’s items that are FORTY PERCENT OFF!) I’ve compiled the best prime day camping deals I’ve found, and alot of it was through various RV forums that are VERY in the know about where the savings are! I learn so much from these RV groups (here’s a couple of my fav threads I saved … Read more

9 Tips to Improve Your RV Listing (and get it rented or sold FAST!)

If you’ve ever worked your tail off all day, taken the pictures, then finally listed your camper on Facebook or some other site only to get crickets, then these quick fixes are for you! This article is a mixture of both cheap fixes (most under $10) and simple picture taking tips that will make your listing look better for both selling and renting your camper. As of May 2021, the RV market is absolutely wild – the mix of low parts supply and a boom in camping interest has created … Read more

23 Best Gifts for RV Owners | No Fluff, Just Great Gift Ideas

Trying to get a gift for an RV owner in your life but all you can come up with is another camping-themed coffee mug or t-shirt?  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against camping coffee mugs or t-shirts. They can make great gifts for campers.  But chances are your RVer friends already have a collection of mugs and shirts and would probably appreciate something else – a gift that filled a need or helped them enjoy their next camping trip even more.  Look no further. I’ve put together a … Read more

Mattress Insider’s RV Mattress Review – Is It Worth the Money?

new mattress as gift

If you’re looking to upgrade your mattress in your RV but aren’t sure where to go, then check out my experience with Mattress Insider! There are certainly some concerns at first – finding the right size mattress (since they aren’t often standard) and figuring out sheets for a custom bed were some of ours. We were especially concerned about cost and if a mattress meant for an rv could ever be as comfy as a “normal” one. Anyways, here are our thoughts regarding price, hassle, and comfort when it came … Read more