11 RV Bathroom Makeovers to Inspire You!

beach themed rv before and after make over

Hey fellow campers! Ready for some RV bathroom magic? I’ve rounded up 11 stunning transformations to inspire your own makeover project. From simple updates to total overhauls, these makeovers prove that even small spaces can be stylish. Alongside each makeover, I’ll share practical tips so you can achieve similar results. Let’s dive in and transform your RV bathroom into a sanctuary on wheels! Makeover #1: Clutter to Calm Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE all things storage containers… however, sometimes it can be nice to hide those for an overall … Read more

The Most Popular 17 Foot Travel Trailer Floor Plans This Year!

If you’re looking to maximize your maneuverability and access tons of cool places, then you may want to check out these awesome 17 foot travel trailer floor plans! All of these models (well… one is 17’6) are actually 17 ft or less – sometimes you will see “17” in a model name, but when you account for the hitch and spare tire it can come up to over 20″! That means it will be way easier to park in campsites, lighter to pull and of course, more likely of a … Read more

21 Genius RV Shoe Storage Ideas + Pictures!

short hanging shoe storage and hidden compartment for shoes

Shoe storage outside of the camper has pros and cons – on the upside, there will be no stinky shoes smell inside the camper. On the downside, if you are camping somewhere with alot of moisture, sand or other elements your shoes may not stay dry or protected. We personally utilize inside and outside shoe storage for our camping setup – wet things stay outside to dry and everything else goes in a bin inside the camper. Anyways, I thought I’d compile all the best ideas in one place so … Read more

13 Ways To Make Your Camper More Homey!

pastel modern aesthetic in travel trailer

Whether you are living in your camper or simply want to feel more “at home” when in it, there are some easy and beautiful ways to get the cozy home aesthetic. This article will focus on some simple switches and additions you can do to your camper’s décor that will have a BIG affect on the aesthetic! After all, when you are constantly traveling and seeing new places, it feels really good to come “home” to a camper that feels like home. Remove Valances and Add Curtains Many campers come … Read more

#1 Tip To Find Window Leaks + Mold in Your RV

rv window with black mold around frame

Imagine this – you’re admiring the view from the window inside of your camper, and all of a sudden, you notice black spots all around the frame… and you realize that somehow, you have mold growing around your RV’s window frame! Many campers are puzzled by this, and are concerned they may have to tear everything out. Depending on how much the mold has spread, you may be able to check this one common issue and then replace things as needed. Let me show you where to check to prevent … Read more

7 Tips To Prevent Mold Build-Up Under Your RV Mattress (+ DIY Ideas!)

Are you tired of dealing with mold growth under your RV mattress? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Mold growth can be a common problem in RVs due to the moist environment and lack of ventilation. If you notice black or greenish patches on your mattress, along with a musty odor, chances are you have a mold issue. But fret not, I’ll share a few steps you can take to prevent it from happening again! As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commission should you purchase anything through my … Read more

Full Time RV Living Cost Printable Worksheet PDF

Are you thinking of making the jump to full-time RV living, but not sure how much it *actually* costs? You’re not alone! There are so many people who have embraced this way of life and continue to enjoy all the amazing things it has to offer. As exciting as it can be, there is still a lot of preparation that goes into making sure you’re ready for such a big change. One of the best ways to get started is by creating a budget and tracking your expenses with our … Read more

RV Living Full Time Budget Planning + Printable PDF

For many people, hitting the road in an RV and becoming a full-time RVer is the ultimate dream. Seeing new places, meeting new people, and creating unforgettable memories every day is a lifestyle that many of us crave. However, if you’re considering this lifestyle change, you’re probably wondering: how much does it cost to RV full time? The answer isn’t a straightforward one, as expenses can vary widely depending on your lifestyle and the places you choose to visit. We’ll break down the costs associated with full-time RVing, so you’ll … Read more

9 Cheap Ways To Deodorize Your RV Fridge

how to remove smells from rv refrigerator using newspaper

If you’re an avid RVer, then you’ve likely forgotten to unpack a time or two… and ended up with a horrible smell in your RV fridge that’s a pain in the butt to deodorize! Luckily, there are a few simple solutions (DIY and purchasable) that can help eliminate unwanted smells from your RV fridge. Let’s start with the easiest/cheapest solutions first, then move on to the more *aggressive* RV fridge cleaning solutions! Here are the methods we will go over to tackle that RV fridge odor! Also, if you just … Read more

13 Highly Rated Campers with Bunk Beds in 2024

rvs with double bunks

Updated January 12th, 2024 by Stacy Bressler Looking for some campers with bunk beds for your large family (or just for extra space?) Bunkhouse travel trailers are incredible for traveling with kiddos, or just packing in some extra sleeping room for visitors. And more RVs have bunk beds than you might think!! There are tons of bunkhouse models to choose from – everything from toy haulers to 5th wheels have some offer plenty of room. So let’s go over the best RVs on the market today that include bunks! Thor … Read more