13 Highly Rated Campers with Bunk Beds in 2024

Updated January 12th, 2024 by Stacy Bressler

Looking for some campers with bunk beds for your large family (or just for extra space?)

Bunkhouse travel trailers are incredible for traveling with kiddos, or just packing in some extra sleeping room for visitors. And more RVs have bunk beds than you might think!!

There are tons of bunkhouse models to choose from – everything from toy haulers to 5th wheels have some offer plenty of room. So let’s go over the best RVs on the market today that include bunks!

  • Class A RVs
    • Winnebago Forza 38W
    • Fleetwood Discovery 38N
  • Class C RVs
    • Thor Four Winds 31E
    • Entegra Odyssey 31F
    • Jayco Greyhawk 31F
  • Fifth Wheels
    • Forest River Impression 290VB
    • Heartland Milestone 386BH
  • Travel Trailers
    • Grand Design Transcend Xplor 261BH
    • Jayco Jay Flight SLX7 154BH
    • Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 17BH
    • Coachmen Freedom Express Ultralite 238BHS
    • Cruiser RV Shadow Cruiser 240BHS
    • Forest River Aurora 18BHS

Thor Four Winds 31E

Source: thormotorcoach.com

Class C RV with large kitchen and private queen bedroom

Thor’s Four Winds is a Class C vehicle that packs a lot into its 33 feet of length. The rear of the 31E bunk bed floor plan has a private bedroom with a queen size bed, closet, TV and dresser. The bedroom is connected to the bathroom.

The bunks sit across from the full bathroom, and next to the main bedroom. There are two twin sized beds perfect for little ones. The model says it can sleep 7, so it’s a great bunkhouse RV for large families.

There’s a TV mounted in a good central location over the dinette, and also an option for an exterior entertainment center. The jack knife sofa, if needed, could be used as additional sleeping space.

Watch the walkthrough of the Thor Four Wind

Thor Four Winds 31E picture of bunks
Source: thormotorcoach.com

Grand Design RV Transcend Xplor

Source: scottsrecreation.com

Bunkhouse camper with plenty of storage for the entire family.

The Transcend Xplor BH floor plan is actually named for its bunkhouse, which sits at the rear of the trailer. The two beds in the bunkhouse are just about full-sized, and with the additional fold out couch, sleeps six. The bottom bunk lifts up for extra storage space (which is super helpful for bulk items).

Both beds have wrap-around curtains to give kids their own space away from the main living area so that adult guests can enjoy the night while the kids sleep undisturbed (we have this in ours and love it!)

It is fairly heavy (6,505 unloaded and with just standard features!) but you get a beautiful living space in exchange – just look at those enormous double bunks inthe back!

Watch the walkthrough for the newest Grand Design Transcend

back bunk house in grand design rv transcend
Source: granddesignrv.com

Forest River Impression 238RLVIEW

Source: forestriverinc.com

Large fifth wheel that sleeps eight

The Forest River Impression is a large fifth wheel with a gorgeous interior. The 238RLVIEW floor plan of the Impression model comes with a dedicated bunk room in the rear that has both a queen bed and bunks!

That means this room can sleep up to four people when needed. When the bunks are flipped down, two long windows are revealed which let natural light into this back room.

The living room has plenty of space for large groups, and the seating has a great view of the entertainment center featuring a 40″ TV! Other floorplans skip on the bunks but have tri fold sofas as potential extra sleep space.

Watch the most recent tour of the Forest River Impression 238RLVIEW

Jayco Jay Flight

Source: jaycofactorydirect.com

Reasonably priced camper with many bunkhouse floorplans to choose from

The Jayco Jay Flight 224 BHW floor plan is one of the lighter models here, coming in at 4,640 lbs, so many trucks and bigger SUVs are able to tow this. There’s still room for a bathroom with a large shower that can also function as a small tub for kids.

There is an outside kitchen in this design which saves tons of floor space in the interior – and that’s a good thing when it comes to fitting the max amount of people into your camper!

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Check out the walkthrough of the most recent model year Jayco Jay Flight 224 BHW

Winnebago Forza 38W

Source: generalrvcenter.com

Large diesel class A with two bathrooms that sleeps eight

The Winnebago Forza 38W floor plan is a huge diesel Class A with enough room for a family to live in here full time. There’s even an option to convert the upper bunk and lower bunk to create additional closet space should you not need them!

The three slide-outs in this Class A give it a really luxurious, wide-open feeling – and let’s be real, when we are talking about a Winnebago, just the standard features feel luxury!

Watch the walkthrough of the Winnebago Forza 38W.

Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 17BH

bushwacker plus 17bh
source: braxtoncreek.com

Tiny lightweight trailer on a budget

The Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus is just one step larger than a teardrop camper. So, if you’re interested in teardrop campers, but they just don’t have enough room, this is a great option to consider.

The 17BH sleeps four. Two at the convertible u shaped dinette, and two more in the rear bunkhouse. Its dry unloaded weight is just over 2,000 pounds, so this trailer is one of the best options if you don’t have a super capable towing vehicle.  Plus, these go for around $15,000 new, so they’re way more affordable than their larger counterparts.

To shop some more small RVs, check here: 12 Best Small RVs and Travel Trailers Video Tours!)

Watch the tour here of the most recent model of the Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 17BH

Entegra Odyssey 31F

Entegra Odyssey 31F
Source: rvtrader.com

Luxury Class C with bunkhouse and over-cab bunk

This fancy dancy Class C sleeps eight and has a rear master bedroom with a private bathroom entrance. The front of the vehicle has a dinette and a jackknife sofa that folds out into a bed. The kitchen is relatively small but has a double basin sink and a three-burner stove.

The bunks are located toward the rear, right outside the master bedroom. Perfect for staying close to your kiddos all night. Each bunk has a sliding privacy curtain, windows, a light, and even a tablet holder.

Watch the tour of the Entegra Odyssey 31F here.

Coachmen Freedom Express Ultralite 238BHS

Coachmen Freedom Express Ultralite 238BHS
Source: scottsrecreation.com

Travel trailer with double sized bunks and a queen murphy bed

The Coachmen Freedom Express Ultralite 238BHS has the perfect setup for a family of four. The larger double size bunks in this travel trailer make it perfect for older kids and teens. The L-shaped kitchen helps close off the living space from the bedroom area, and the large u-dinette is located in a pull-out that greatly increases the size of the living area.

The front queen size bed is actually a Murphy bed, and when it’s in the up position, a comfy sofa sits in its place.

More on murphy beds and RVs that have them here: RV Murphy Beds – Are They Worth It? Which RVs Have Them?

Here’s the most recent model year walk through for the Freedom Express.

Heartland Milestone 386BH

Heartland Milestone 386BH
Source: rvtrader.com

Luxury fifth wheel with two bathrooms

If you’re looking for a fifth wheel that feels like a home for full-time RV living, the Heartland Milestone 386BH just might be it. This fifth wheel not only has an incredible layout and great practical features, but it also has some fun ones too. Like a wine fridge, a fireplace, and a rear lofthouse. Sweet!!

The rear of the vehicle holds the bunkhouse, which has two bunks on one side, and an upper bunk over a dinette on the other.  The rear also has a loft located above the back bathroom which can be used for storage or more sleeping space.

Want to DIY your RV bunkhouse to give your kids their special own space?? 11 RV Kids Bunk Room Ideas PERFECT for Families!

See the walkthrough of the Heartland Milestone here.

Cruiser RV Shadow Cruiser 240BHS

Cruiser RV Shadow Cruiser 240BHS
Source: rvtrader.com

Mid-sized travel trailer with rear double-sized bunkhouse

The Shadow Cruiser 240BHS model from Cruiser RV is one of several Shadow Cruiser floor plans with bunk houses. I chose this one in particular because it has two large bunk beds, which can sleep two people each, or can be extra spacious for just one.

The queen bed is located at the very front and faces the kitchen and dining room area. The rear bathroom has a nice large shower. The basic package on this model also comes with an outdoor kitchen that has a griddle for those awesome outdoor breakfasts.

Underneath the queen bed is an under-bed pet palace perfect for any furry friends you’d like to bring them along on your adventure.

Watch this quick tour of the most recent Shadow Cruiser model.

Forest River Aurora 18BHS

Forest River Aurora 18BHS
Source: rvtrader.com

Small travel trailer with front murphy bed and rear bunkhouse

The Forest River Aurora is a great smaller travel trailer for family weekend getaways. It packs a lot of sleeping room into a small space with its rear double over double beds.

The front of the Forest River Aurora has a murphy bed that tucks completely away into a comfy sofa when not in use. The large U-shaped dinette is located in a pull-out, so there’s ample room to walk around in the kitchen area.

Watch the tour of the most recent Forest River Aurora.

Fleetwood Discovery 38N

fleetwood discovery 38n class a rv bunk house
Source: fleetwoodrv.com

Class A with two bathrooms and barn door bunk beds

The Discovery from Fleetwood is currently the best selling Class A on the market for its value and design quality. The 38N floor plan incorporates luxury features with a very practical layout.

The rear master suite has a large king bed, a washer and dryer, and a large private bathroom. There’s a second bathroom in the middle of the vehicle, across from the bunk beds. And the twin bunk beds can be totally hidden away from view with stylish barn doors.

Want to shop more RVs with king beds: 12 Best Travel Trailers with King Beds

Here’s a walk around video tour of the most recent model year Fleetwood Discovery.

Jayco Greyhawk 31F 

Class C that sleeps seven

Source: rvtrader.com

The Jayco Greyhawk is just 30 feet long but will sleep seven people. The large master suite in the rear has its own private bathroom entrance and is close to the twin-sized bunk beds — perfect for keeping an eye on the little ones.

Plus, there’s more sleeping room in the sleeper sofa and over-cab bunk. The single slide out all along one wall adds a ton of living area to the kitchen and dining room, and helps the whole RV feel a lot more spacious.

The whole family will love this home on wheels!

Here’s a tour from of the most recent model year Jayco Greyhawk.

How to Choose a Camper with a Bunk Bed

There are more bunk model RVs and campers than you’d think, so it’s good to start with finding one that has the features you *need*.

Try to narrow your search down by deciding if you need: Twin-sized or double-sized bunks and A Class A, Class C, fifth wheel, or travel trailer

I’ll break these down a bit more here…

Twin vs Double-Sized Bunk Bed

When looking for a camper with a bunk bed setup. You’ll generally see two different sizes. The smaller option is twin-sized bunks,

Twin bunks will be better for smaller children who don’t really need large beds. They also work to pack in some extra sleeping space if you ever have extra visitors. However, they may not be super comfortable as a full-time bed for an adult-sized person.

Double Bunks These beds may be preferable for older kids or adults, as they have a lot more sleeping room. Alternatively, if you need to pack in as many people as possible, two people can comfortably sleep in a double bed.

So really, the twin vs double bunk decision comes down to how many people you need to sleep in your RV, and how all your family members will be most comfortable.

Which is Best: Class A? Class C? Travel Trailer?

The answer is, there are plenty of bunkhouse campers with pros and cons of each – there is no “best” overall. The choice between these options is how much room you need. A Class A with a bunk bed will feel spacious inside and have a ton of sleeping room.

On the other end, travel trailer bunkhouses (especially the smaller ones) will feel a bit more cramped and have less sleeping room, but will be much lighter in weight and easier to tow. If you want a bunk bed, you can find it in any size or shape of RV (minus a Class B), but it all depends on how much room you need!

RV Bunk Bed FAQs

Are RV bunk beds comfortable?

They can be a lot more comfortable than you’d think. Many RV manufacturers install memory foam bunk bed mattresses with a four or five-inch thickness. 

If you want to upgrade your RV mattress, check out Mattress Insider.

What size are the beds in most bunkhouse travel trailers?

RV bunk beds are usually twin sized (~28” x 72”) or double-sized (~46” x 74”).

Let Me Know Any Favorites I Missed!

I generally update these articles once a year, however if you leave a comment I will update it sooner. Happy camping!

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