Kids camping activities + crafts

Having some fun kids camping activities and crafts can really make an alright family camp trip AWESOME! 

Whether it’s a fun camping game the whole family can play, a nature themed camp scavenger hunt to encourage exploration or just some fun camp themed crafts to do at home (we can’t camp all the time I guess… but we can craft about it when we can’t!) I got what ya need!


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kids Camping activities

These are some of my favorite (and most popular!) kids camping activities to beat boredom at camp, or even just do something as a family to reconnect!

Most of these are meant to do at camp, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t do any applicable ones wherever in nature that you wanted to!

kids camping crafts

I love camping crafts because we can do them anytime (we especially love to do them during winter!) These are perfect for living room camp outs, a camp themed week, or just for the heck of it (some of them are reallllly fun!)


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