Campfire Crown Craft [5 Free Printable Designs!]

Today I’m excited to share a fun camp craft we make to celebrate various camping achievements such as who collected the most wood, started the fire etc… a Campfire Crown!

Having three kids of very different personalities, I made a couple of designs of varying cutting and coloring difficulty with some fun phrases on them such as “Camping Queen” and “Camping King”.

Let’s make our crowns!

campfire queen crown with flames and pictures showing the process

Materials Needed To Craft

  • Campfire Crown template of choice (you can download it for free at the bottom of this article)
  • Crayons
  • Stapler/Tape/Glue – I think staples are the most secure, but use what you have!
  • Thin Poster Board – This is for the band of the crown. Make sure it can bend, do NOT get the foam poster board stuff.
  • Optional – Glitter glue, gem decorations, nature decorations etc to glue around the band and on the template itself.
child crafting a camping themed hat

Steps to Make Your Campfire Crown Craft

Step 1) Pick Your Template – There are various fun titles and designs, as well as an option with no words at all. Pick your favorite and print it out!

color printable campfire crown template

Step 2) Color It In – The detail of the flame is way easier to color before it’s cut out. DO NOT glue decor on yet – we still have to maneuver it quite a bit and it may get messed up.

measure poster board for head size for crown

Step 3) Measure + Cut for the Crown Band – If you have a measuring tape handy, awesome! If not, just know my head is 22″, so maybe aim for there or lower for a kid. After cutting, the band should only be about 1″ tall.

instructions to diy crown for camping

Step 4) Put it all Together – Position your crown midway on the band and staple it in place (it should only take one on each side). Then staple the ends of the band together.

printable campfire queen crown with orange flames, red gems

Step 5) Add Crown Decor – I went with some cute melty gems I had and yellow glitter for the yellow of the flame. I’ve seen people use nature decor too, such as leaves and sticks.

Design Options for your Campfire Crown

Each of the templates comes with directions to make things easier. I have added some examples below of the three crown designs – everything but the log one has options for “Camping Queen” “Camping Princess” “Camping King” “Camping Prince”.

P.S. if you like fancy camping stuff, you should probably check out my glamping party printables!

printable campfire queen template with flames and band
printable campfire crown template with flames
campfire crown camping craft for kids with flame and logs

Download Your Printable Campfire Crowns and Get Crafting!

Summer camp out, a camping birthday party, camp week at school… or, if you’re my kids, to proudly wear around camp to let everyone know *they* gathered the most wood for the campfire!

This might be a favorite craft among my 3 kiddos – I always design and test my printables with them… and they were screaming over this one! They loved it so much they even got their campfire set out and decided to play camp out for awhile!

Click Here to Download PDF Packet

kids camping party idea making campfire hats
kids playing with pretend campfire wearing campfire crowns

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