19 Backyard Glamping Party Ideas for Girls

If you are looking to throw a fabulous glamping-themed camp party, then look no further when it comes to games than here – whether it’s charades or a scavenger hunt, fun is guaranteed!

With my twin girls getting older and getting to love camping more and more, I knew a “girly” or “princess” camp party request would come up… so I was super excited to make these Glamping themed printables for the occasion.

I also wanted to include some decor tips and activities to do during your Glamp Out party that will work in the backyard or at an actual campsite!

glamping party ideas

Set Up the Glampsite Aesthetic

Getting the cozy, luxurious feel can be hard when you have no inspiration – check out these ideas from around the web to start brainstorming your own setup! Here are some elements that typically make a situation feel more glamping vs camping

  • Soft colors – For adults, this tends to be light or earthy, natural colors.
  • Natural light – Most tents do not have windows, so to have so much light feels luxurious
  • Minimal Discomfort – Fans, power on demand, solar, awesome mattresses, and lots of softness.
  • Extra spacious – Most glamping companies, or people who host glamping campsites, utilize a yurt, wall tent, or small cabin.

Spacious and Lots of Light

Bein able to lay in a comfy bed and stare up at the sky, safe from the elements, certainly qualifies as glamping!

via B Andersen.

Comfort and Ease with Peaceful Neutral Colors

Julie N. shared a beautiful glamping location in Tampa, Georgia that included all the bells and whistles – tons of room to walk, a coffee maker, a refrigerator, and beautifully coordinated decor!

Having space like this is SO nice, espeically for families! I know when we did a glamping yurt trip it felt so nice to not have to worry about set up, camp chores or anything!

spacious glamping layout idea with beds
via Julie N.
glamping idea tampa georgia
via Julie N.

Kids Glamping Party Aesthetic

While there’s still plenty of space and pastels, kids glamping adds in fuzzy textures, pom poms, rainbow and bright lights! Party lights make this even more fun and bright!

canopy tent with glamping decor
via Backyard Party Rentals
kids glamping party idea
via Backyard Party Rentals

Fun and Cute Glamp Food Ideas

When it comes to a glamping themed party, the menu should reflect the sophistication of glamping along with the rustic appeal of the great outdoors. Here are some delicious food ideas:

  1. Gourmet Burgers: Elevate the traditional campfire burger with high-quality ingredients like Angus beef, brioche buns, and gourmet toppings.
  2. Grilled Skewers: A colorful and healthy side that everyone can enjoy. They are clean and easy to eat, as well as modifiable for every diet!
  3. “Fancy” Foil Packets: Sometimes referred to as “Hobo Meals”, these are easy to prepare ahead of time and are fun to cook in some campfire coals.
  4. Campfire Nachos: A casual and shareable snack made decadant to fit the occasion – our favorite is our dutch oven four cheese jalapeno bacon dip!
  5. S’more Station: Classic s’mores get a glam update with gourmet chocolate and artisanal marshmallows in an easy to use, attractive display.
  6. Sparkling Lemonade: Keep guests refreshed with a fancy twist on a classic drink. If serving alcohol, you can keep it light and fancy still with something like this lime mojito.
smore glamping party
via Kelly A.

Glamping Party Props

If you’re DIYing your own party and looking for some decor, then here are some cute things I found on Etsy to get the camping vibes going!

clue style camp themed scavenger hunt
Image Source: glitterinkdesigns @ Etsy
Girly Glamping Slumber Party
Image source: fun365

Printable Glamping Activities for Kids

Sometimes the funniest party is the most simple one – that doesn’t mean you have to skip on the pretty camping decor and games! There are a ton of options to make things festive for your next glamp out – here are some ones that are especially appealing to kids.

Glamping Scavenger Hunts

With two styles to find fabulous camping items, the campsite will be kept busy! There are several different designs so that each friend can have their own card.

For older kids, such as tweens, I suggest using the point based system for some extra fun and challenge! Try to think of a couple items local to your area to fill in for the blank row or just write in some VERY hard items to find and make them worth a lot of points!

Check out the glamping points scavenger hunt here!

Glamping Charades + Pictionary

These continue to be one of the MOST popular camping games with the tweens age group, and I think it’s because of the silliness factor! We all love to laugh – these pretty glamping themed charade and Pictionary cards are sure to inspire some around the campfire or just in the backyard!

The glamping charades + Pictionary set can be found here!

Go on an Emoji scavenger hunt!

Sometimes instead of looking for THINGS, it’s way more fun to try to find experiences! This emoji based camping scavenger hunt is different because it gets kids to think about feelings they had (and it’s honestly quite fun reading over their answers!)

Check out the Camp Emoji Scavenger Hunts here!

Fun and fabulous glamping themed crafts!

  • DIY Tiny Camper Craft Kit – If your glamping party is for a teen, this is something they might actually enjoy making!
  • Shrinky DInks – Popular when we were kids, and still super popular! Whether it’s a camping design or just a funny meme that reminds them of camp, teens especially love to make these custom key chain and earrings designs!
  • Glow in the Dark Rock Painting Kit – Rock painting has become a popular way to express creativity and share it with others around you (there are actually rock clubs in many cities that hide/find painted rocks!) This glow-in-the-dark set has everything you need to paint, design and seal your kids’ special glowing glamp creations!
  • Make a camp necklace – A little clay and beads from the Dollar Tree can go far when accompanied with creativity and glitter! =P
  • Tie Dye Scrunchies – I’m all about functionality AND fun here, so I try to include crafts/activities that will actually be used again.. such a a trendy tie-dye scrunchie made with friends at the glamp out!
glow in the dark rock painting fun craft for glamping or slumber party camping

More Glamping Goodies to make the party extra special

cute glamping pjs

FAQ About Hosting the Perfect Glamping Party

Depending on the age of the attendees (after all, everyone from brides to 5 year olds host glamping themed parties!), your schedule of events and decor may change accordingly. Here are some common things people ask when planning their own party

What does glamping mean?

Glamping, a term derived from ‘glamorous camping’, is all about enjoying the great outdoors without sacrificing any comforts. A glamping themed party can also be an especially pink/girly camping themed party or a “camping experience” at a resort.

How do I set up my backyard for a glamping party?

Start by setting up tents with comfortable bedding and pillows. Use fairy lights, lanterns, or solar lights for a magical touch. If you can’t build a campfire in your backyard, try getting a small portable campfire to add to the camping vibes.

What kind of food should I serve at a glamping party?

Depending on the age of the attendees, you can choose to go with a cutesey camping themed treat, such as this campfire made from food, or something more classy and fancy, such as some skewer meals or perhaps something more “campy” such as foil packet meals.

What activities can I plan for a glamping party?

Outdoor camping themed games, a campfire with storytelling or singing, star-gazing, and a movie night under the stars are all great activities that fit the glamping theme perfectly.

As always, this depends on the age of your attendees!

Is there a company that sets up glamping themed parties for you?

Sometimes it can be cheaper to hire someone rather than buying and setting everything up yourself. Simply do a search in Google, and they should be able to pull up some local results.

Glampingtentco and GlampingOC are some companies that are known for their luxurious glamping party services!

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