Starry Night Campfire Craft – Artsy and Easy!

This is such a fun sensory and artistic campfire themed craft – kids can rip up the papers to make their perfect shaped flames. As mine are getting older, I notice they are doing fun things like layering!

We read a book recently that had illustrations that were ALL made of ripped paper pieces – many were layered to create a 3D effect, and it just looked awesome! Of course, I thought it would be a fun idea to try the method with a campfire!

How to Make this Cute Paper Based Campfire

All that’s needed is some construction paper, cardboard (for our logs) and glue. Easy peasy, and almost no prep… so let’s dive into it!

Materials To Make Paper Campfire

  • Black yellow and orange construction paper
  • Cardboard for logs (or brown paper, painted popsicle sticks. I just liked the 3D effect it gives)
  • Gluestick
  • Optional – If you want the “stars”, grab some yellow paint or glitter.. or better yet, yellow glitter paint =P

Steps to Make Your Starry Night Campfire

cardboard logs on black paper

Step 1 Create Your Logs – If using cardboard, cut them out and decorate. There are many options for the logs, but I loved how much the cardboard ones stand out! Glue them in place when you’re done.

Step 2 Prep the Flames – Tear up varying lengths of “flame” from the orange and yellow paper. It may be helpful to place them as they are ripped so that they all for sure fit/make sense in the campfire design.

flame made out of paper on black construction paper

Step 3 Place the Flames – Using a gluestick, place the flames on however you like. I love layering them to add dimension (but your kiddos will probably look different!)

starry night campfire craft for kids on paper

Step 3 Add Stars! – If you have it, use your finger and some yellow paint to dot the black sky with stars. =D

Enjoy Your Starry Night Campfire!

I hope your kids had as much fun making this as mine! It’s certainly a staple for our camp week/summer crafts, and I hope you all can enjoy it to!

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