Glowing Paper Campfire Craft

Get ready to kick up your camping game a notch with this fun and easy campfire craft tutorial. Whether you’re a little or big kid, tearing up paper is just plain fun… and happens to be the main part of todays craft.

Perfect for a themed party, a school project, or even just to feed your love for camping. Let’s gather our crafting supplies and dive right in, shall we?

How To Make This Cute Campfire Craft

Always use what you have laying around first – for example, I happened to have a 6 pack disposable cupcake holder, but you could use a dole fruit cup, pudding cup etc for the clear portion of this craft.

You can also feel free to sub what is hard to get – we have some tiny pebbles in our driveway that work as the campfire ring part, but if you don’t, you could always crumple up some black and grey paper!

Materials Needed for the Glowing Paper Campfire Craft

  • Orange, yellow and brown paper
  • Small clear container (pudding, fruit cups, disposable drink cups etc)
  • Paperboard/Cardboard for logs and to put craft on
  • Scisccors
  • Glue
  • Electric Tealight
  • Optional – rocks for campfire ring

Steps to Make Your Own Glowing Campfire!

Step 1 – Make Your Flame Rip up the orange and yellow papers to a small size that make sense for your container. You can cut them too, but I find the rip texture makes it look more flame like! Glue them to the container – layering really adds a ton to the

Step 2 – Make and Stack Your Logs: Brown paperboard is easiest to use, as it’s already brown and easy to cut, but cut out and detail your logs. Then glue them to your base/campsite however you like (we did paint the base, which is certainly a fun option!)

campfire craft idea with ripped paper and light

Step 3 – Glue it Down and Light it Up! Insert your tealight, glue it all down (we added some rocks from the driveway) and invite your toys! Bluey really enjoyed it with his own mini marshmallow stick!

Enjoy Your Cute Campfire Paper Craft!

One of my favorite things is recycle crafting – almost everything from this craft was garbage/recycle. The cardboard base, paperboard logs and the used color drawing paper.

My kids LOVE setting up toy campfire parties, especially when they feel they “built the fire” themselves! These types of camping crafts are especially welcomed during winter – we live in Idaho, so there’s not a ton of campfire action going on in the snow.

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