Free Printable Camping Bingo Cards – A Fun Camping Party or Outdoor Activity for the Whole Family!

What better way to celebrate the nearness of spring (and camping!) than with some fun camping bingo cards!

I love that Bingo cards can actually be played a variety of ways when it comes to kids – it can be a matching game, a memory game, trading game…

I sometimes like to just give my preschooler the calling cards and a gluestick, and let him match it up!

Anyways, I made these cute camping bingo printable PDFs because I wanted just that – another busy activity to give my toddler while I have things to do!

And since I am about sick and tired of the constant snow here, I really can’t help but make camping related things all the time… so expect some more camping printables on the way!

These fun printable camping bingo cards are a great way to have fun camping or at birthday parties!

Fun Games to play with these camping bingo cards

Depending on the age of your child, you could really change things up and make a couple fun camping games!

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camping bingo fun activity while camping with the kdis
Much exploring to be done while camping!!

Here are a couple camping BINGO games your kiddo might love

  • BINGO for one – If you’re just playing with your child, you can either cut up a bingo card to use as the calling card, or just cross them off as you say them on your own Bingo card. Your kiddo will just have fun marking off what you say (use dabbers, stickers etc)
  • Matching Camp Pictures – Cut up one card and put the pieces in a pile and ask your child to glue each picture to it’s match on their Bingo card
  • Scavenger Hunt at Camp – I tried to pick things that your chid would actually see should you bring these bingo cards camping! I would suggest laminating the bingo card so that it can stand the rough play it will be sure to endure during a fun camp scavenger hunt!
  • Classify and Organize the Camping Bingo Pictures – Cut out the Bingo camping pictures adn classify them by things like “what to pack” “what to see at camp” “what’s in nature” etc.

When should I use Camping themed BINGO cards with my kids?

In short, anytime you need to break your kids boredom!

These are great for breaking up those long summer days if you’re out camping – nights are easy enough because kids really enjoy building a fire, making s’mores etc… but holy cow, those days can drag!

These are perfect game to play, and even better if you have multiple kdis!

This would also be fun to use at a camping party – heck, even adults would enjoy playing it!

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I know, I know, you’re probably thinking I talked way too much before this!

Sorry, I’m just excited for these!

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These fun printable camping bingo cards are a great way to have fun camping or at birthday parties!

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