Fun and Easy Egg Carton Tulip Kids Easter Craft

What easier way to celebrate Easter and spring than with this easy tulip egg carton craft??

With Easter coming up, I am super excited because that means a couple of things – camping season is about to start and my flowers are going to start blooming!

I have yet to put any tulips in my garden (I’m a brown thumb…) but lots of people in our town do, and I absolutely love going on those warm sunny spring walks and checking them out!

There’s alot of really beautiful flower crafts you can do with egg cartons, however being that my little guy is only 3, I thought we’d do a version that he could actually enjoy!

If you’re reading this and are a child like me inside, I’ll link to some other cool flower egg carton crafts that would be a better fit for an older kid or an adult!

Anyways, here we go!

easy easter flower craft for kids or adults using egg carton rustic easter decor
Yield: 1

Egg Carton Tulip for Toddlers

fun flower spring easter craft for kids or adults using egg cartons

This easy egg carton tulip just needs 3 items, and is a fun, creative way for toddlers to get excited for one of the first flowers of spring! This spring craft can be as easy or advanced as you like - for this tutorial, we will simply be painting them!


  • Egg Carton (Paper paints easier, but the styrofoam is OK too)
  • Paint
  • Pipe Cleaner for Stem
  • Optional decor for middle of flower


  1. Remove one section of the egg carton
  2. Let your toddler (or yourself) paint as they like. It's easier to paint the inside then the outside.
  3. Once it dries, poke a hole in the bottom and thread the pipe cleaner through. Feel free to put a pretty bead or button in the middle!
  4. Make as many tulips as you like - a bunch of five is cute, and could be a fun gift for mom even!


You may have to do "shaping" on one edge of the egg carton section depending on the style you have.

What’s your favorite Easter craft for kids? Pin this if you liked it <3

Since I LOVE my garden (all wildflowers, so it’s easy to love since it’s so easy to manage!) I of course love doing all things flowers and critters with my son… bunnies, chicks and tulips are all great ways to celebrate!

What is your favorite?

easy easter flower craft for kids or adults using egg carton rustic easter decor

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