Nature Egg Easter Window Art Hanging Craft for Kids

Easter is during one of the most magical times of year, so why not “shine” on that with this sun art Easter craft made from nature! I just love the way you can see all the tiny details of plants and flowers when the sun shines through, especially when they create even more art by how they overlap. This craft could be “easier” with the right items – I just used clear packing tape, but I may update this post later if I try it again with my laminator instead. … Read more

Hanging Nature Easter Egg Craft for Kids – Perfect for All Ages!

egg nature craft

If you’re looking for a fun, nature based activity for the kids this Easter, keep it simple but creative with this cute Nature Egg Craft! I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for something that is easy to make work for all ages, and this open ended craft ended up being perfect! Depending on where you live, you may be a bit limited with what is available to use – just remember that nature is also indoors! We ended up using some houseplant leaves, others used strawberry tops or other indoor nature … Read more

Fun Easter Peeps Nature Shelter Activity for Kids + Printable

printable easter peep activity for kids with nature non religious

Have you wanted to include those popular “Peep” Easter marshmallows in your festives while also including nature? Then you’ll love this Nature Built Peep House kids activity! While we do normally cave and find a special way to eat these guys, I wanted to create an activity that DIDN’T include eating them (even if they tasted good, holy cow does everyone have a sugar crash after!) So, I hope you’ll enjoy this quick and creative Easter themed nature activity… to build a house for one! Get creative using the “My … Read more

FUN + Cute American Robin Study Unit for Kids [PDF Life Cycle Sequencing, Nest Building!]

Learn all about one of the first birds of spring, the American Robin, through this fun and pretty study unit that includes hands on learning and activity ideas to go along with them! Spring has to be one of my favorite seasons – the new life starting, the patches of yellow popping up everywhere, and of course, the first birds looking for worms in the yard! Depending on where you live, this may vary, but for much of the U.S., that bird is the American Robin. It’s thought of as … Read more

“Build a Nest” Scavenger Hunt [Printable Spring Nature Activity for Kids!]

nest craft and printable for spring with kids

Spring is here – with the sounds of the American Robin in the air, I wanted to make a super fun nest building craft that was fun and easy for my kids to do! I’ve been absolutely fascinated with this common bird, and it’s so fun to watch them in the yard! Nests are fun to make in almost any form, but I thought it would be fun to do a bit of research to find out how birds actually do it. I’ve made a fun printable scavenger hunt + … Read more

Fun + CUTE Garden BINGO for kids (10 Boards + Calling Cards) perfect for spring!

garden bingo printable pdfs for kids with calling cards

Celebrate all things gardening with the kids this year and use this cute set of printable garden themed BINGO cards (with enough boards for the whole family!) Best of all, you can use this printable garden BINGO set however you like – as a BINGO style spring scavenger hunt, a matching game or perhaps matching up the picture to the word for the older kiddos! Play BINGO with 10 cute garden themed boards + a calling card set! I personally love spring gardening I so got inspired to make a … Read more

Kids Printable Garden + Planting Activity Pack (PERFECT for spring!)

Whether you’re looking to get the kids involved in gardening this year, or maybe just want to pass down your love of plants, this fun printable planting journal for kids will be just the thing! My kids are FINALLY old enough to help me (still working on not drowning the plants though… HAH!) and I wanted to teach them how to use things like charts and such, so I created a watering and growth tracker for their plants! Let me show you what’s inside! What’s inside this cute kids gardening … Read more

DIY Cheap + Fun Greenhouse for Kids (+ Kids Planting Journal PDF!)

printable spring planting journal for kids

If you’re looking to start teaching your kids about planting (or are just looking for a fun spring activity do together!) this DIY cheap greenhouse is perfect! Since you’ll only need an egg carton, seeds, and something clear, this project is easy enough to plant alot of seeds at once. To help with the planting activity, I also created the Kids Planting Journal so that they can help keep track of things such as watering and growth (with more options for older kids.) Let’s check it out! Download your printable … Read more

FUN and Easy Easter Bunny Jelly Bean MUNCH Craft for Kids!

fun diy kids easter game made with plastic cup. jellybean easter game

I am REALLY loving all the Easter crafts this year, especially since my preschooler can actually do some of them now, and after seeing all the fun he’s had with my Easter Bunny Egg roll, I wanted to make a smaller version… so the Easter Bunny Jelly Bean MUNCH craft was born! Kids just looooove pretending that something is eating something else, and I definitely remember loving that too as a kid! I would cover up all my plastic animals with clay then have my toy dinosaurs eat the “meat” … Read more

DIY Cute and FUN Easter Egg Bean Bag Toss Game for Kids!

easy diy easter games for kids easter toss

If you’re looking for ways to involve even the youngest toddlers in the Easter festivities, look no further than the Easter Egg Bean Bag Toss Game! I don’t know about you, but these three years of waiting for my kiddo to get old enough to not get trampled by the stampede of kids during Easter egg hunts in town is getting kind of old… especially now that I have my twin toddler girls that I want to involve as well! I’ve been trying to brainstorm fun Easter games that can … Read more