Comb Bound Camping Journal DIY – Pick Your Checklists, Design and More!

If you’re someone who finds the phrase “If you want it done right, do it yourself” something you agree with, then you will LOVE this camping log! I have created a variety of camping journals in the past – free ones for readers/subscribers, some printable ones I sell on Etsy, and others that are already made that I sell on Amazon. However, I wanted to be able to include EVERYONE’s suggestions… and so I made an easy to use “Build Your Own” type system. There are a variety of options … Read more

15 Adorable Acorn Crafts for Kids + FREE 8 Page Printable PDF Activity Pack!

acorn activity pack

Do you have little ones at home who are just as crafty as they are outdoorsy? If so, this post is for you!  The acorn is an excellent source of inspiration for kids’ crafts! There are so many ways that your child’s imagination can grow with these natural materials. From acorn squirrels to acorn bracelets on their wrists, there’s an endless number of fun things kids can make from acorns. We’ve compiled this list of 15 acorn crafts for kids that we know they’ll love! It will take some hunting … Read more

CUTE 4th of July BINGO Cards + Scavenger Hunt For Kids [Full Set Printable PDF!]

If you’re looking for some easy 4th of July printables for the kids to do on 4th of July, then checkout this fun themed BINGO game and scavenger hunts! While I love the fireworks, I also love just spending the holiday being thankful with my loved ones… from home! Even if COVID has never existed, I love the calm of home! I made this BINGO game so that it’s even easier to have fun at home! Well.. and also I just loved how pretty these illustrations were and needed to … Read more

Fun Patriotic Nature Craft for Kids – Leaf Rocket Stamps!

4th of july outdoor nature based craft

If you’re looking for a free, fun way to celebrate 4th of July this year, then check out these cute red white and blue leaf stamps! You can use just about anything, but we really loved finding different shaped leaves and painting on that classic red, white and blue patern. Here we go! How to make this fun, cheap and creative 4th of July nature craft! A blank piece of paper is fine (that’s how we first did it!) but the template is super cute! Not much else is needed … Read more

FUN + Cute American Robin Study Unit for Kids [PDF Life Cycle Sequencing, Nest Building!]

Learn all about one of the first birds of spring, the American Robin, through this fun and pretty study unit that includes hands on learning and activity ideas to go along with them! Spring has to be one of my favorite seasons – the new life starting, the patches of yellow popping up everywhere, and of course, the first birds looking for worms in the yard! Depending on where you live, this may vary, but for much of the U.S., that bird is the American Robin. It’s thought of as … Read more

“Build a Nest” Scavenger Hunt [Printable Spring Nature Activity for Kids!]

nest craft and printable for spring with kids

Spring is here – with the sounds of the American Robin in the air, I wanted to make a super fun nest building craft that was fun and easy for my kids to do! I’ve been absolutely fascinated with this common bird, and it’s so fun to watch them in the yard! Nests are fun to make in almost any form, but I thought it would be fun to do a bit of research to find out how birds actually do it. I’ve made a fun printable scavenger hunt + … Read more

Cute Fingerprint Hearts Flower Printable Gift for Mom or Grandma

fingerprint flower template for mom or grandma

If you’re looking for something last minute for Mother’s Day, then you’ll love this cute and FREE gift you can whip up! It has a sweet quote (“I couldn’t WISH for a better mom!”) and is easy to personalize with your kiddos cute little finger stamping! In fact, you don’t even need an actual stamp pad – we were able to get away with just coloring fingertips! Anyways, here we go! How to make a sweet gift for Mother’s Day (or birthdays!) Print out one of the templates – There … Read more

“I’d Pick You!” Cute Printable Nature Craft for Mom or Grandma! [FREE Printable Templates]

If you’re looking for a cute, easy craft with a personal touch for mom or grandma, you’ll love this printable – it’s perfect for things like Mother’s Day! The simplicity of this craft is part of what makes it so pretty – I did choose to add minimal decor (some burlap and color pop) for my example, but that’s largely up to you/your kiddo! Here we go! How to make this nature based Mother’s Day or Grandparents Day Craft As always, this is just how we did the craft – … Read more

Fun and cheap New Years’ Eve Kids Shaker DIY!

diy kids shaker activity new years

If you’re looking for a quick craft for New Years, check out this New Year’s Eve shaker craft! I forgot to go to the Dollar Tree this year and buy all the normal poppers, so instead, I just looked around and whipped this equally noisy and festive guy up! I love that these are VERY easy to make, so even the young kids can get in on the fun. How to make a fun noise toy for the new year with kids! I know we parents love to joke about … Read more

“Pond in a Jar” Pond/Lake Craft + Printable Frog Life Cycle Activity Pack!

lake in a jar lake craft for kids

Whether you’re looking for some educational fun for a family lake trip or just looking to learn more about frogs and their life cycle, this pond jar craft and activity pack will be perfect! My family recently visited a local spot called “The Beaver Ponds” for a day of kayaking and paddle boarding when we encountered “Mermaid Grass”. It was really a combination of a lot of grasses and pond/lake life, but it got us curious to learn more about what might live inside – specifically frogs! My kids could … Read more